Latest Pain Research News!

Latest Pain Research News!

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Scientific breakthroughs happen every day!  In an effort to help our patients stay up to speed on the most cutting edge treatment options available for them, our scientists monitor current research and publish weekly research updates.  The title of each article below is a link to the full study report.  If you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Hanna to discuss your treatment options, please contact us.



[HTML] Upper urinary tract damage caused by ketamine snorting—A report of nine cases

HY Lee, YC Hsu, CY Hsu, ECL Chou, CC Li, YS Juan… – Urological Science, 2015

Objective The toxicity of ketamine to genitourinary system not only involved in lower urinary

tract, which include urinary frequency, urgency, suprapubic pain, dysuria and hematuria, but

also upper urinary tracts. However, the reports of ketmaine-induced upper urinary tract


Inconsistency of allometric scaling for dissociative anesthesia of wild felids

AB Carregaro, GC Freitas, SP Bisetto, NV Xavier… – Veterinary anaesthesia and …, 2015

Keywords: allometric scaling; dissociative anesthesia; ketamine; metabolic rate; xylazine.

Abstract. Objective. To evaluate allometric scaling for ketamine–xylazine (KX) anesthesia

in wild felids using domestic cats for reference. Study design.


[PDF] The ERα-PI3K Cascade in Pro-opiomelanocortin Progenitor Neurons Regulates Feeding and Glucose Balance in Female Mice

L Zhu, P Xu, X Cao, Y Yang, AO Hinton Jr, Y Xia… – Endocrinology, 2015

Hypothalamic ER -p85 interaction and phosphorylation of AKT in response to icv PPT

Female C57Bl6 mice (12 weeks) were anesthetized with ip injections of

ketamine/xylazine cocktail (100 mg/kg ketamine and 10 mg/kg xylazine).


[HTML] Effects of leptin on sympathetic nerve activity in conscious mice

DA Morgan, F Despas, K Rahmouni – Physiological Reports, 2015

Here, we examined the sympathetic responses evoked by leptin in conscious mice. Mice

were instrumented, under ketamine/xylazine anesthesia, with renal or lumbar SNA

recordings using a thin (40 gauge) bipolar platinum–iridium wire.


[PDF] Treatment of Pain with Antidepressants

B Kerr, C Benson, K Mifflin, SJB Jesudasan, S Dursun… – Klinik Psikofarmakoloji …, 2015

depression43-45. There has been a great deal of interest in the NMDA receptor antagonist

ketamine and its rapid acting antidepressant action when infused46,47, and it is interesting that

this drug has also been used in treatment of therapy-resistant chronic pain48.


Use of LigaSure on bile duct in rats. An experimental study.

A Marte, L Pintozzi – Minerva pediatrica, 2015

in rats. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty Wistar rats weighing 70 to 120gr were

employed for this study. The animals were all anaesthetized with intraperitoneal

Ketamine and then divided into three groups. The first group


[HTML] Maxcal-C (a polyherbal formulation) prevents ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in rats

RA Maheshwari, F Dhakwala, R Balaraman, AK Seth… – Indian Journal of …, 2015

Standard drug Calcium Sandoz (cholecalciferol), ketamine hydrochloride, diazepam, povidone,

and ampicillin were purchased from commercial market. The rats were anesthetized with injection

of ketamine hydrochloride (40 mg/kg. ip) and diazepam (5 mg/kg, im).


Positive reinforcing effect of oxytocin microinjection in the rat central nucleus of amygdala

K László, A Kovács, O Zagoracz, T Ollmann, L Péczely… – Behavioural Brain Research, 2015

00 h. 2.2. Surgery. Rats were anesthetized ip by ketamine supplemented with

diazepam (Calypsol and Seduxen, Richter Gedeon, Hungary, ketamine: 80

mg/kg body weight, diazepam: 20 mg/kg body weight). Animals were


Minocycline Attenuates Depressive‐like Behaviour Induced by Rat Model of Testicular Torsion: Involvement of Nitric Oxide Pathway

SSS Saravi, SE Mousavi, SSS Saravi, AR Dehpour – Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & …, 2015

Testicular Torsion/Detorsion Animals were anaesthetized with intraperitoneal injection of ketamine

HCl (50 mg/kg) and chlorpromazine (25 mg/kg). 30 days. Testosterone assay At day 30, the rats

were anaesthetized with intraperitoneal injection of ketamine HCl (50 mg/kg)


Spinal Reflexes and Windup In Vitro: Effects of Analgesics and Anesthetics

I Rivera‐Arconada, C Roza, JA Lopez‐Garcia – CNS Neuroscience & Therapeutics, 2015

Spinal cord mechanisms may contribute toward analgesia and akinesia. Ketamine.

The general anesthetic ketamine is a noncompetitive blocker of NMDA receptors

that also shows activity on several ionic channels. As expected


Augmentation Therapy With Serial Intravenous Ketamine Over 18 Months in a Patient With Treatment Resistant Depression.

S Hassamal, M Spivey, AK Pandurangi – Clinical Neuropharmacology, 2015

Abstract Major depressive disorder is a severe illness that affects 3% to 7% of adults

annually in the United States. About 30% of these individuals are refractory to multiple

treatment trials. Recent reports have found a significant and almost immediate


Ketamine Increases Permeability and Alters Epithelial Phenotype of Renal Distal Tubular Cells Via a GSK‐3β‐Dependent Mechanism

HY Shyu, CJ Ko, YC Luo, HY Lin, SR Wu, SW Lan… – Journal of Cellular …, 2015

Abstract Ketamine, a dissociative anesthetic, is misused and abused worldwide as an illegal

recreational drug. In addition to its neuropathic toxicity, ketamine abuse has numerous

effects, including renal failure; however, the underlying mechanism is poorly understood.


More effective induction of anesthesia using midazolam-butorphanol-ketamine-sevoflurane compared with ketamine-sevoflurane in the common marmoset monkey ( …

H ISHIBASHI – Journal of Veterinary Medical Science, 2015

The common marmoset has been increasingly used for research in the biomedical field;

however, there is little information available regarding effective methods of anesthesia in this

species. This study retrospectively analyzed 2 regimens of anesthesia induction:


[HTML] Comparison of Ketamine–Medetomidine-butorphanol and Ketamine–dexmedetomidine-butorphanol Anesthesia in Rats

R Costea, D Lastofka, M Mehedinţu – Agriculture and Agricultural Science Procedia, 2015

Abstract We evaluated the effect of ketamine-dexmedetomidine-butorphanol (K, 80 mg/kg;

D, 0.25 mg/kg, B, 0.5 mg/kg) and ketamine-medetomidine-butorphanol (K, 80 mg/kg; M, 0.25

mg/kg, B, 0.5 mg/kg) administered intraperitoneally, during anesthesia and immediate


Pulmonary immunostimulation with MALP-2 in influenza virus-infected mice increased survival after pneumococcal superinfection

K Reppe, P Radünzel, K Dietert, T Tschernig, T Wolff… – Infection and Immunity, 2015

Five days after IAV infection, 114 the mice were anesthetized intraperitoneally

(ip) with ketamine (80 mg/kg, Ketavet®, Pfizer, 115 re-suspended in sterile PBS.

Mice were anesthetized ip with ketamine and xylazine and 123


Atorvastatin along with imipenem attenuates acute lung injury in sepsis through decrease in inflammatory mediators and bacterial load

S Choudhury, K Kannan, BS Maruti, MP Addison… – European Journal of …, 2015

ad libitum. The animals were anesthetized by injection of xylazine (10 µg/g body

weight, intraperitoneally) and ketamine (80 µg/g body weight, intraperitoneally) and

a 2-cm ventral midline incision was performed. The cecum


[HTML] Propylthiouracil Attenuates Experimental Pulmonary Hypertension via Suppression of Pen-2, a Key Component of Gamma-Secretase

YJ Lai, GJ Chang, YH Yeh, JHS Pang, CC Huang… – PLOS ONE, 2015

All the surgery was performed under ketamine and xylazine ip anesthesia, and all efforts were

made to minimize suffering. Housing and maintenance was provided by Chang Gung University,

All animals were fed a standard chow diet with free access to water.


[HTML] Serotonin 5-HT 7 receptor agonist, LP-211, exacerbates Na+, K+-ATPase/Mg 2+-ATPase imbalances in spinal cord-injured male rats

A Norouzi-Javidan, J Javanbakht, F Barati, N Fakhraei… – Diagnostic Pathology, 2015

Animals were anesthetized by intraperitoneal injection of a mixture of ketamine hydrochloride

(75 mg/kg) and xylazine hydrochloride (5 mg/kg). All animals were anesthetized (ketamine

hydrochloride 10 % + xylazine 2 %, in 80 and 5 mg/kg doses, respectively).


[HTML] Interleukin-17A and Neutrophils in a Murine Model of Bird-Related Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

M Ishizuka, Y Miyazaki, M Masuo, K Suhara, T Tateishi… – PLOS ONE, 2015

They were then placed under light anesthesia with 100 mg/kg ketamine and 10 mg/kg xylazine,

and 5 μg of PDE in 25 μl of 0.9% saline was sprayed into each mouse’s trachea using an

intratracheal MycroSprayer® aerosolizer (Penn-century, Wyndmoor, PA, USA).


Pertussis toxin reduces calcium influx to protect ischemic stroke in a middle cerebral artery occlusion model

Z Tang, S Li, P Han, J Yin, Y Gan, Q Liu, J Wang… – Journal of Neurochemistry, 2015

blinded to the randomization. Permanent Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion (pMCAO) Mice were

under Ketamine/Xylazine anesthesia (80 mg/kg Ketamine and 10mg/kg Xylazine, injected ip).

Standard aseptic surgical procedures were used throughout the procedure. The


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)


Effectiveness and safety of computed tomography-guided radiofrequency ablation of renal cancer: a 14-year single institution experience in 203 patients

JD Iannuccilli, DE Dupuy, MD Beland, JT Machan… – European Radiology, 2015

Objectives To define effectiveness and safety of CT-guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of

renal tumours and prognostic indicators for treatment success. Methods Patients with a

single treatment of a solitary, biopsy-proven renal tumour with intent to cure over a 14-year


Outcomes associated with ablation compared to combined ablation and transilluminated powered phlebectomy in the treatment of venous varicosities.

AT Obi, BN Reames, TJ Rook, SO Mouch, A Zarinsefat… – Phlebology/Venous Forum …, 2015

RESULT: Venous clinical severity scores improved more with radiofrequency ablation +

transilluminated powered phlebectomy as compared to radiofrequency ablation alone

(3.8 ± 3.4 vs. 3.2 ± 3.1, p = 0.018). radiofrequency ablation alone.


Minimally invasive procedures for the management of vertebral bone pain due to cancer: The EAPC recommendations

S Mercadante, P Klepstad, G Paula Kurita, P Sjøgren… – Acta Oncologica, 2015

Radiofrequency ablation (RFA). RFA resulted more effective than radiotherapy and surgical

stabilization [99. Di Francesco A, Flamini S, Zugaro L, Zoccali C. Preoperative

radiofrequency ablation in painful osteolytic long bone metastases.


[HTML] Efficiency and safety of radiofrequency-assisted hepatectomy for hepatocellular carcinoma with cirrhosis: A single-center retrospective cohort study

F Zhang, J Yan, XB Feng, F Xia, XW Li, KS Ma, P Bie – World J Gastroenterol, 2015

These procedures include liver transplantation, resection, and radiofrequency ablation[ 5 ]. Liver

transplantation may be the best treatment option for cirrhotic patients with HCC because it involves

the simultaneous removal of both the cirrhotic liver and HCC[ 6 ]. However, the


Ethanol ablation in post-biopsy liver hemorrhage following two failed Embolizations

MC Pope, DH Ballard, AL Sticker, C Ahuja… – Clinical Imaging, 2015

C. The feeding vessels were identified and ablated with an additional 10 mL ethanol injection.

to ultrasound-guided percutaneous ethanol injection for achieving hemostasis include techniques

such as cryoablation, radiofrequency (RF)-ablation, and cyanoacrylate glue


[PDF] Catheter Ablation of Fascicular Ventricular Tachycardia: Long Term Clinical Outcomes and Mechanisms of Recurrence

Y Liu, Z Fang, B Yang, P Kojodjojo, H Chen, W Ju… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

ablated. Arrhythmia recurrences after an initially successful ablation were caused by recurrent

FVT involving the Key words: ventricular tachycardia, radiofrequency, idiopathic left ventricular

tachycardia, fascicular ventricular tachycardia, outcomes, radiofrequency ablation


Liver metastases from adenocarcinomas of unknown primary site: management and prognosis in 68 consecutive patients

E Algin, A Ozet, O Gumusay, G Yilmaz, S Buyukberber… – Wiener klinische …, 2015

shown in Fig. 1. Among 39 patients who were managed with chemo- therapy, 12

patients received additional locoregional therapies including radiofrequency ablation

or transar- terial chemoembolization. Median OS was 9.4


[HTML] The Prognostic Value of Platelet Count in Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Q Pang, K Qu, JY Zhang, SD Song, SS Liu, MH Tai… – Medicine, 2015

Abbreviations: HBV = hepatitis B virus, HCC = hepatocellular carcinoma, HCV = hepatitis C virus,

HR = hazard ratio, MPV = mean platelet volume, OS = overall survival, PLT = platelet count, RFA =

radiofrequency ablation, RFS = recurrence-free survival, TACE = transcatheter


Safety and Feasibility of Open Chest Epicardial Mapping and Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia During the Period of Left Ventricular Assist Device Implantation

M Patel, F Rojas, FR Shabari, L Simpson, W Cohn… – Journal of Cardiovascular …, 2015

Endocardial and epicardial radiofrequency ablation of ventricular tachycardia associated with

dilated cardiomyopathy: The importance of low-voltage scars. Comparison of epicardial

cryoablation and irrigated radiofrequency ablation in a swine infarct model.


Contact Force Variability during Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation: The Role of Atrial Rhythm and Ventricular Contractions: Co-Force AF Study

A Sarkozy, D Shah, J Saenen, J Sieira, T Phlips… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

3 Background Lesion formation by using radiofrequency (RF) current depends on the power

delivered, duration of energy application, temperature, tip size, and tip orientation. given RF power1.

Irrigated tip ablation catheters capable of real-time CF measurement have


[HTML] Pulmonary vein isolation using the visually guided laser balloon: a prospective, multicenter, and randomized comparison to standard radiofrequency ablation

SR Dukkipati, F Cuoco, I Kutinsky, A Aryana… – Journal of the American …, 2015

Background Balloon catheters have been designed to facilitate pulmonary vein (PV)

isolation in patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (AF). The visually guided laser balloon

(VGLB) employs laser energy to ablate tissue under direct visual guidance. Objectives


Optimal Temperature for Radiofrequency Ablation of Lumbar Medial Branches for Treatment of Facet‐Mediated Back Pain

S Costandi, M Garcia‐Jacques, T Dews, M Kot, K Wong… – Pain Practice, 2015

Background Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of the medial branch nerves that innervate the

facet joints is a well-established treatment modality; however, studies to determine the

optimal radiofrequency ablation temperature are lacking. A wide range (70 to 90 C) has


[HTML] Catheter Ablation of Atrial Fibrillation: Advent of Second-Generation Technologies

E Buch, K Shivkumar – Journal of the American College of Cardiology, 2015

and wide-area isolation (5), with or without additional lesion sets targeting non-PV

foci (6) or modifying atrial substrate. All of these techniques initially used

point-by-point ablation with radiofrequency (RF) ablation catheters.


[HTML] Computed tomography-guided percutaneous trephine removal of the nidus in osteoid osteoma patients: experience of a single center in Brazil

M Petrilli, AA Senerchia, AS Petrilli, HM Lederman… – Radiologia Brasileira, 2015

Osteoid osteoma: CTguided percutaneous radiofrequency ablation and follow-up in 47 patients.

J Vasc Interv Radiol. 2001;12:717–722. Peyser A, Applbaum Y, Khoury A, et al. Osteoid osteoma:

CT-guided radiofrequency ablation using a water-cooled probe. Ann Surg Oncol.


Proton beam therapy for metastatic liver tumors

N Fukumitsu, T Okumura, D Takizawa, H Makishima… – Radiotherapy and Oncology, 2015

The maximal diameter of the lesions was 1–18 cm (median, 4 cm). Of the 140 patients, 87

had received another form of treatment before PBT, such as chemotherapy, radiofrequency

ablation, transcatheter arterial chemoembolization, and surgery.


Accuracy of Late Gadolinium Enhancement-Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Measurement of Left Atrial Substrate Remodeling in Patients With Rheumatic Mitral …

D Zhu, Z Wu, RJ van der Geest, Y Luo, J Sun, J Jiang… – International Heart Journal, 2015

We enrolled adult patients with rheumatic mitral valve disease and persistent AF who un-

derwent open-heart surgery for mitral valve replacement with concurrent radiofrequency

ablation for AF at our institution between February 2013 and March 2014.


Predictive value of nodule size and differentiation in HCC recurrence after liver transplantation

GG Piero, P Domenico, F Di Benedetto, M Elena… – Surgical Oncology, 2015

Generally, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) was proposed in cases of a single tumor less than 3

cm, whereas a single tumor > 3 cm or multifocal lesions in patients with impaired liver function

were directed instead to treatment with trans-arterial chemoembolization (TACE).


Radiofrequency ablation or stripping of large-diameter incompetent great saphenous varicose veins with C2 or C3 disease

EV Shaidakov, AG Grigoryan, EA Ilyukhin, VL Bulatov… – Journal of Vascular Surgery: …, 2015

Objective The objectives of this study were to compare the results of radiofrequency ablation

(RFA) and stripping for large-diameter varicose target veins for the period of 1 year, based

on a composite end point; to analyze the pain severity on a digital rating scale for 7 days


Clinical outcomes and risk factors of hepatocellular carcinoma treated by liver transplantation: A multi-centre comparison of living donor and deceased donor …

Z Hu, Z Qian, J Wu, J Zhou, M Zhang, L Zhou, S Zheng – Clinics and Research in …, 2015

HCC: hepatocellular carcinoma; LDLT: living donor liver transplantation; DDLT: deceased donor

liver transplantation; GWRW: graft weight/recipient weight; TACE: transcatheter arterial

chemoembolisation; RFA: radiofrequency ablation; PEI: percutaneous ethanol injection; ICU


[PDF] Hepatocellular carcinoma treatment strategies–a case-based review

R Alves, MT Gomes, CS Macedo, HP Miranda, F Nery – Journal of Solid Tumors, 2015

Resection techniques have been refined, from the use of new radiofrequency ablation resection

devices to laparoscopic approaches, both showing to diminished blood loss [1, 2]. A recent

meta-analysis showed that laparoscopic approach decreases blood loss, transfusion


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD)


Skin sympathetic function in complex regional pain syndrome type 1

A Poudel, M Asahina, Y Fujinuma, Y Yamanaka… – Clinical Autonomic …, 2015

10.1007/s10286-015-0314-x. Copyright information. Abstract. Purpose. Cutaneous

sympathetic pathophysiology in complex regional pain syndrome type 1 (CRPS-1) is

not yet completely understood. To evaluate cutaneous sympathetic


Substance P spinal signaling induces glial activation and nociceptive sensitization after fracture

WW Li, TZ Guo, X Shi, Y Sun, T Wei, DJ Clark… – Neuroscience, 2015

hypersensitivity. Abstract. Tibia fracture in rodents induces substance P

(SP)-dependent keratinocyte activation and inflammatory changes in the hindlimb,

similar to those seen in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). In


Economic impact of mgnregp on rural livelihood security in tumkur district, karnataka–a sam analysis

CHR Gowda – 2015

Item Type: Thesis (Masters). Divisions: RP-Market Institutions and Policies. CRPS: CGIAR

Research Program on Policies, Institutions, and Markets. Uncontrolled Keywords: Economic

Impact, MGNREGP, Rural Livelihood Security, Karnataka, SAM analysis.


[PDF] DMSA-coated Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Greatly Affect the Expression of Genes Coding Cysteine-rich Proteins by its DMSA Coating

L Zhang, X Wang, J Zou, Y Liu, J Wang – Chemical Research in Toxicology, 2015

times. The results revealed that about one fourth of DEGs coded cysteine-rich proteins

(CRPs) in all cells under each treatment, indicating that the nanoparticles greatly

affected the expressions of CRP-coding genes. Additionally


Changing appearance using visual illusions improves ownership of the painful hand in complex regional pain syndrome

J Lewis, C McCabe, R Newport – 2015

Abstract. Background and aims People with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

experience a diminished sense of ownership of their painful limb. Thirty nine patients with CRPS

of one arm were randomly allocated to either a control or experimental group.


The role of genetically‐engineered pigs in xenotransplantation research

DKC Cooper, B Ekser, J Ramsoondar, C Phelps… – The Journal of Pathology, 2015

This is because of the expression of human complement-regulatory proteins (CRPs) on the

surface of vascular endothelial cells. Pigs have similar CRPs, but these are relatively inefficient

at protecting the pig cells from human complement-mediated injury [13].


Individuality: How knowledge of body perception disturbance can inform treatment

J Lewis – 2015

Lewis, J. (2015) Individuality: How knowledge of body perception disturbance can inform

treatment. In: International Association of the Study of Pain (IASP) CRPS SIG, Zurich, Switzerland,

31 August – 1 September 2015. [img] Preview. PDF 1MB. Abstract.


Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS) and Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI): Modulation of Cortical Connectivity With Therapeutic SCS

M Deogaonkar, M Sharma, C Oluigbo, DM Nielson… – … : Technology at the Neural …, 2015

Methods. Ten patients with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or neuropathic leg pain

underwent thoracic epidural spinal cord stimulator implantation. Stimulation parameters associated

with “optimal” pain reduction were evaluated prior to imaging studies.


[PDF] Similarity-based semi-local estimation of EMOS models

S Lerch, S Baran – arXiv preprint arXiv:1509.03521, 2015

The most popular scoring rules providing summary measures of predictive performance are the

logarithmic score, ie, the negative logarithm of the predictive PDF evaluated at the verifying

observation, and the continuous ranked probability score (CRPS; Gneiting and Raftery


Review of Plastic Surgery

DW Buck II – 2015


[PDF] Independent CRP-Commissioned External Evaluation of the CGIAR Research Program on Agriculture for Nutrition and Health (A4NH)

J Compton, D McLean, B Emmens, M Balagamwala – 2015

development partners (IFPRI, 2011). CRPs are not legal entities and therefore legal

and financial responsibility for A4NH ultimately rests with the lead CGIAR Center

and its Board of Trustees (IFPRI- BOT). 2. IFPRI is legally


[PDF] Chronic pain treatment and scrambler therapy: a multicenter retrospective analysis

C Compagnone, F Tagliaferri – Acta Bio Medica Atenei Parmensis, 2015

Different diseases could lead to neuro- pathic pain including postsurgical pain, post-herpetic

neuralgia (PHN), spinal cord stenosis (SCS), Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS), Diabetic

peripheral neuropathy (DPN), and chemotherapy induced pe- ripheral neuropathy.


Traumatic Life Events and Psychopathology in a High Risk, Ethnically Diverse Sample of Young Children: A Person-Centered Approach

MJ Hagan, MJ Sulik, AF Lieberman – Journal of abnormal child psychology, 2015

Conditional response probabilities (CRPs) are defined as the probability that an

individual from a specific latent class will endorse an item. CRPs provide across

classes. CRPs for the exploratory LCA model are shown in Fig.


Two placebo-controlled, randomized withdrawal studies to evaluate the fentanyl 1-day patch in opioid-naïve patients with chronic pain

T Arai, Y Kashimoto, Y Ukyo, Y Tominaga, K Imanaka – Current Medical Research …, 2015

study]) and the other study included opioid-naïve subjects with neuropathic pain (post- herpetic

neuralgia, complex regional pain syndrome [CRPS], or chronic postoperative pain; included: had

osteoarthritis, low back pain, post-herpetic neuralgia, CRPS, or chronic


[PDF] Challenges of Peripheral Nerve Stimulator Implantation in a Patient with New Onset Thrombocytopenia

S Thompson

We present a patient with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS)-like symptoms of the lateral

femoral cutaneous nerve after laparoscopic hysterectomy who underwent successful

ultrasound-guided PNS trial using SCS leads and unfortunate delayed implantation due to


Improving student learning via mobile phone video content: Evidence from the BridgeIT India project

M Wennersten, ZB Quraishy, M Velamuri – International Review of Education


[PDF] The Association Between Soft Tissue Releases and Bony Resections Performed During Total Knee Arthroplasty and Patients’ Pain and Satisfaction Postoperatively

M Carter – 2015

Page 1. Western University Scholarship@Western Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository

September 2015 The Association Between Soft Tissue Releases and Bony Resections Performed

During Total Knee Arthroplasty and Patients’ Pain and Satisfaction


[PDF] Parthasarathy Rao and Cynthia Bantilan. 2015. Grain Legumes Production, Consumption and Trade Trends in Developing Countries

S Nedumaran, P Abinaya, P Jyosthnaa, B Shraavya

Markets (PIM). Financial support by CRPs Grain Legumes and Policies, Institutions

and Markets are gratefully acknowledged. This working paper has gone through

the standard peer-review procedure of ICRISAT. The authors



AR Rezai, M Deogaonkar – US Patent 20,150,251,008, 2015

In subjects with fibromyalgia as well as other conditions (eg, hot flashes, CRPS, etc.),

clinicians have used pharmacological blockade of the sympathetic nervous system, and

in particular the stellate ganglion, to achieve some clinical benefit.




Psychiatric Disorders in Young Adults Diagnosed with Juvenile Fibromyalgia in Adolescence.

NR Cunningham, ST Tran, AM Lynch-Jordan, TV Ting… – The Journal of …, 2015

OBJECTIVE: Adolescents with juvenile-onset fibromyalgia (JFM) have increased rates of

psychiatric disorders, but to our knowledge no studies have examined psychiatric disorders

in adolescents with JFM when they enter young adulthood. This study examined the


Fibromyalgia beyond reductionism. Heart rhythm fractal analysis to assess autonomic nervous system resilience

C Lerma, LA Martinez-Martinez, N Ruiz, A Vargas… – Scandinavian Journal of …, 2015

Objectives: The prevailing linear reductionist medical model seems unable to explain

complex multisymptomatic illnesses such as fibromyalgia (FM) and similar maladies.

Paradigms derived from the complexity theory may provide a coherent framework for


Exploring the role of peripheral mechanisms: An evaluation of a theory-based approach to reducing symptoms of fibromyalgia

K Mooney – 2015

Abstract: This mixed method study presented an integrative approach for the treatment of

fibromyalgia, the rationale that justifies the approach, and an evaluation of two integrated

components of this protocol designed to mitigate symptoms of fibromyalgia. Considering


Chronic Widespread Back Pain is Distinct from Chronic Local Back Pain: Evidence from Quantitative Sensory Testing, Pain Drawings, and Psychometrics.

A Gerhardt, W Eich, S Janke, S Leisner, RD Treede… – The Clinical journal of pain, 2015

Therefore, this study compared quantitative-sensory-testing (QST) profiles of

non-specific chronic back pain patients with CLP (n=48) and CWP (n=29) with

pain-free controls (PCs, n=40) and Fibromyalgia patients (FMS, n=90).


Meta-analytic evidence for decreased heart rate variability in chronic pain implicating parasympathetic nervous system dysregulation.

LM Tracy, L Ioannou, KS Baker, SJ Gibson… – PAIN, 2015

frequency HRV in chronic pain, implicating a decrease in parasympathetic activation.

These effects were heavily influenced by fibromyalgia studies. Future research would

benefit from wider use of standardised definitions of


[HTML] Analgesic effect of cathodal transcranial current stimulation over right dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in subjects with muscular temporomandibular disorders: study …

RA Brandão Filho, AF Baptista, RAFS Brandão… – Trials, 2015

In a fibromyalgia study using transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), the authors found higher

thresholds in both sides of the resting motor cortex with lower up regulation responses.

Furthermore, they found lower intracortical facilitation and inhibition.


Clinical Research Methodology 1: Study Designs and Methodologic Sources of Error

DI Sessler, PB Imrey – Anesthesia & Analgesia, 2015

The distinction can be nonobvious. For example, consider a study in which investigators compared

anesthetic requirement in patients with and without fibromyalgia. But, in fact, fibromyalgia is the

exposure in this study and anesthetic requirement is the outcome.


[HTML] Economic evaluation in chronic pain: a systematic review and de novo flexible economic model

W Sullivan, M Hirst, S Beard, D Gladwell, F Fagnani… – The European Journal of …, 2015

While the attributes and management of specific diseases associated with chronic pain, such

as fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, and different analgesic requirements for neuropathic versus

other chronic pain may have justifiably led to modelling heterogeneity, clinical


[PDF] Evaluation of the Immediate Effect of Auricular Acupuncture on Pain and Electromyographic Activity of the Upper Trapezius Muscle in Patients with Nonspecific Neck …

ACO Silva, DA Biasotto-Gonzalez, DM Santos… – … -Based Complementary and …, 2015

NS-NP could contribute to the following: (i) a standardization of the points to be used as stimuli

for the treatment of abnormalities caused in this muscle by mechanical injuries, myofacial tension

(with or without trigger-points), and systemic diseases such as fibromyalgia; (ii) an


Ehlers Danlos syndrome and gastrointestinal manifestations: a 20‐year experience at Mayo Clinic

AD Nelson, MA Mouchli, N Valentin, D Deyle… – Neurogastroenterology & …, 2015

hernia,[7] rectal evacuation disorder,[8] diverticulosis, gastritis,[9] constipation, diarrhea, nausea,

vomiting, abdominal pain, and reflux disease.[10] Several non-musculoskeletal symptoms often

found in patients with functional GI disorders such as fibromyalgia, fatigue, cognitive


[HTML] Real-life assessment of the validity of patient global impression of change in fibromyalgia

E Rampakakis, PA Ste-Marie, JS Sampalis, A Karellis… – RMD Open, 2015

Objectives Patient Global Rating of Change (GRC) scales are commonly used in routine

clinical care given their ease of use, availability and short completion time. This analysis

aimed at assessing the validity of Patient Global Impression of Change (PGIC), a GRC


[HTML] Increased Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Patients with Primary Fibromyalgia and Those with Concomitant Comorbidity—A Taiwanese Population-Based Cohort …

CH Su, JH Chen, JL Lan, YC Wang, CH Tseng, CY Hsu… – PLOS ONE, 2015

Objectives Fibromyalgia has seldom been associated with coronary heart disease (CHD).

The aim of this study was to evaluate the risk of CHD in patients with fibromyalgia. Methods

We used a dataset of one million participants, systemically scrambled from the Taiwanese


[HTML] Group cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronic pain adults: review of Brazilian trials

LF Kirchner, CC Jorge, MJD Reis – Revista Dor, 2015

26 . With regard to studied population, table 1 shows predominance of females in all studies,

being fibromyalgia (FM) the most frequent diagnosis. Nevertheless, literature assertiveness,

3. (6 to 8), Fibromyalgia (100%), VAS. LSSI. RAS. Lorençatto


[HTML] Chronic Pain Pharmacological Treatment in Patients with Depressive Disorders

C Aurilio, MC Pace, MB Passavanti, V Pota, P Sansone… – Journal of Psychiatry, 2015

Patients with fibromyalgia present a reduced dopamine presynaptic activity in great many

brain regions, included hippocampus. Neurocircuits and neurochemistry. [50] published

a review on amitriptyline for neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia.


Medical Marijuana Patient Counseling Points for Healthcare Professionals Based on Trends in the Medical Uses, Efficacy, and Adverse Effects of Cannabis-Based …

JR Parmar, BD Forrest, RA Freeman – Research in Social and Administrative …, 2015

All three medications have similarly been used in improving sleep, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid

arthritis associated pain, and spasticity in MS. A complete list of medical uses and included

publications can be reviewed in Table 5. Table 5. Fibromyalgia, 1 16, 16,


Identification and description of controlled clinical trials published in Physiotherapy journals in Spain

M Turrillas, M Sitjà‐Rabert, H Pardo… – Journal of Evaluation in …, 2015

16.7% of the identified studies were multicentric. Traumatology and orthopaedics was the most

studied field (33.3%) followed by neurology (15.4%). The most researched health problems were

back pain (17.24%) fibromyalgia, arthrosis and stroke (6.8% each).


[HTML] Serum calprotectin (S100A8/9): an independent predictor of ultrasound synovitis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

J Hurnakova, J Zavada, P Hanova, H Hulejova, M Klein… – Arthritis Research & …, 2015

which is obtained by using several composite indexes [4–7]. Nevertheless, a clinical examination

might lack sensitivity in patients with mild synovitis, be limited in patients with established

deformities, and be overestimated in patients with concomitant fibromyalgia or other


[HTML] Systematic review of the measurement properties of self-report physical activity questionnaires in healthy adult populations

Z Silsbury, R Goldsmith, A Rushton – BMJ Open, 2015

6 The review found strong evidence for effectiveness within cardiovascular disease, type 2

diabetes and obesity; and strong evidence for improved symptom management and quality of

life for patients with cancer, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and depression.


[PDF] Chronic pain treatment and scrambler therapy: a multicenter retrospective analysis

C Compagnone, F Tagliaferri – Acta Bio Medica Atenei Parmensis, 2015

JOP 2003; 4 (1): 1-10. 4. Moore RA, Derry S, Aldington D, Cole P, Wiffen PJ. Ami- triptyline for

neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia in adults. Review. 5. Moore RA, Wiffen PJ, Derry S, Toelle

T, Rice AS. Gabapen- tin for chronic neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia in adults.


Illness deception

SB Nimmo – Occupational Medicine, 2015

In a survey of US neuropsychologists, prevalence of malingering and symptom exaggeration

was found to be minor head injury 39%, fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndrome 35%, chronic

pain 31%, personal injury cases 29%, disability or workers compensation 30% and

New study shows that higher frequency spinal cord stimulation is more effective for the treatment of chronic pain

New study shows that higher frequency spinal cord stimulation is more effective for the treatment of chronic pain

It has been estimated that 1 in 4 people in the US suffer from some form of chronic pain in their lifetime.  The duration of this pain differs from person to person, spanning several weeks to many years.

Many sufferers of long-term chronic pain can have their daily wellbeing severely affected if treatments fail to offer appropriate levels of pain relief.

Of the more than 1.5 billion people worldwide said to suffer from chronic pain, the most common area affected is the lower back.  The frequency of this is 23-26% of the global population.

Not surprisingly, this has been a hot area of research, which has produced treatment options from opioids to surgery.  Opioids, while very effective for analgesia, can produce unwanted long term problems like dependence for chronic pain patients.

For this reason, surgical options are frequently presented for long term chonic pain patients.  One such technique is spinal cord stimulation therapy (SCS), where pulses are delivered to the spinal cord by a small device implanted under the skin, emitting a form of paresthesia. As many as 50,000 patients in the US undergo SCS ever year to combat chronic pain.

Paresthesia is a sensation akin to tingling and is a result of SCS. When a device is turned on, an electrical current interrupts the pain signal being sent to the brain. Although a patient’s pain is not cured, SCS hopes to offer some temporarily relief.

Although SCS has been shown to reduce pain, many patients find the paresthesia that accompanies this to be uncomfortable.

This was to be the catalyst for scientists to develop a new form of SCS, one which still alleviates pain but reduces the effects of paresthesia in patients.

Traditional SCS uses frequencies of 40-60 hertz. Scientists decided to intensify this and use high-frequency pulses capable of delivering up to 10,000 hertzes. The new treatment has been named HF10.

Prof. Leonardo Kapural, lead study author and professor of anesthesiology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine and clinical director at Carolinas Pain Institute at Brookstown in Winston-Salem – both in North Carolina – believes the research to be the first of its kind.

“This is the first long-term study to compare the safety and effectiveness of high-frequency and traditional SCS therapy for back and leg pain,” he explains.

Scientists examined 171 patients with chronic back or leg pain, of whom 90 received HF10 therapy and 81 were treated with traditional SCS.

After 3 months, researchers found 85% of back pain and 83% of leg patients receiving HF10 therapy reported a 50% reduction in pain or greater. These patients also reported no experience of paresthesia.

In contrast, patients undergoing SCS reported less effective results. Only 44% of back pain patients and 56% leg patients experienced a minimum 50% reduction in pain.

The study ran over a 12-month period and found HF10 to be more effective compared with traditional SCS. More than half of the HF10 sample group reported being “very satisfied” with the outcome, compared with just 32% of patients who received traditional SCS.

Prof. Kapural hopes this research will be an important step toward treating chronic pain.

SCS represents an alternative for those patients who wish to avoid surgery or drugs such as opioids. According to a 2011 report, at least 100 million adult Americans suffer from chronic pain. In the same report, it was also estimated that chronic pain costs society between $500-635 billion a year.

Dr. Hanna has many years of experience performing SCS procedures for chronic pain patients.  To learn if this procedure might be right for you, please make an appointment with Dr. Hanna at the Florida Spine Institute in Clearwater, FL.  His contact information can be found here.

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Pain Research News!

Stay Up to Date With the Latest Pain Research News!

Weekly Breaking Research Updates


Scientific breakthroughs happen every day!  In an effort to help our patients stay up to speed on the most cutting edge treatment options available for them, our scientists monitor current research and publish weekly research updates.  The title of each article below is a link to the full study report.  If you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Hanna to discuss your treatment options, please contact us.




Gender and estrous cycle influences on behavioral and neurochemical alterations in adult rats neonatally administered ketamine

VCM Borella, MV Seeman, RC Cordeiro… – Developmental …, 2015

Abstract Neonatal NMDA receptor blockade in rodents triggers schizophrenia-like

alterations during adult life. Schizophrenia is influenced by gender in age of onset,

premorbid functioning and course. Estrogen, the hormone potentially driving the gender


Hypothalamic, thalamic and hippocampal lesions in the mouse MCAO model: potential involvement of deep cerebral arteries?

M El Amki, T Clavier, N Perzo, R Bernard, PO Guichet… – Journal of Neuroscience …, 2015

Anesthetic methods in rodent models of cerebral ischemia impact the infarct volume. In

experimental models developed in rodents, the most used anesthetics are the volatile ones such

as isoflurane or halothane and intraperitoneal (ip) ketamine or barbiturates.


Targeting the CD80/CD86 costimulatory pathway with CTLA4‐Ig directs microglia toward a repair phenotype and promotes axonal outgrowth

A Louveau, V Nerrière‐Daguin, B Vanhove… – Glia, 2015

Male LEWIS 1A rats were anesthetized by intramuscular injection of 2% Rompun and 50mg/mL

ketamine (1.6 mL/kg) (PanPharma). Twenty-eight days after transplantation, grafted-male Lewis

1A rats were deeply anesthetized with Rompun-ketamine (1:4) at 1 mg/kg (ip).


[PDF] Anti-nociceptive effects of taurine and caffeine in sciatic nerve ligated wistar rats: involvement of autonomic receptors

W Abdulmajeed, BV Owoyele – Journal of African Association of Physiological …, 2015

(St. Louis MO, USA) while propranolol and prazosin were products of Namco

Chemicals, Amritsr, India. Normal saline and ketamine were purchased from Momrota

pharmacy, opposite University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital’s gate.


Two Cellular Hypotheses Explaining Ketamine’s Antidepressant Actions: Direct Inhibition and Disinhibition

OH Miller, JT Moran, BJ Hall – Neuropharmacology, 2015

Abstract A single, low dose of ketamine has antidepressant actions in depressed patients

and in patients with treatment-resistant depression (TRD). Unlike classic antidepressants,

which regulate monoamine neurotransmitter systems, ketamine is an antagonist of the N-


Effect of Piperine on Liver Function of CF-1 albino Mice.

JR Peela, SD Kolla, F Elshaari, F Elshaari, H El Awamy… – Infectious disorders drug …, 2015

with high fat diet. These mice were anaesthetized with ketamine and halothane and

blood was drawn from each mouse before the study and after three weeks by

cardiocentesis. Serum transaminases (alanine aminotransferase


[PDF] Correlation between anti-HBs and immunostimulatory cytokines following hepatitis B vaccination in mice

OU Peter, PO OKONKWO, OO John, A Dorathy – 2015

AM daily. All mice were acclimatized for two weeks. Diazepam injection (Valium,

Roche, USA), and ketamine injection (Ketalar, Popular Pharmaceuticals, Bangladesh)

were procured from Pax Pharmacy, Onitsha. Hepatitis B


Phosphodiesterase‐4D: an enzyme to remember

R Ricciarelli, E Fedele – British Journal of Pharmacology, 2015

enzyme isoform is localized in brain regions associated with emesis (eg area postrema and

nucleus of the solitary tract; Cherry and Davis, 1999; Lamontagne et al, 2001; Mori et al, 2010)

and its deletion in transgenic mice reduced the xylazine/ketamine-induced anaesthesia, a


The effects of tacrolimus on the activity and expression of tissue factor in the rat ovary with ischemia–reperfusion induced injury

UV Ustundag, S Sahin, K Ak, I Keskin… – Reproductive Biology, 2015

the ovaries. The rats were anesthetized with a combination of ketamine hydrochloride

(60 mg/kg ip.) and xylazine (5 mg/kg ip.). Supplementary injections of ketamine

hydrochloride were given when needed. After anesthesia


Novel Rat Model for Neurocysticercosis Using Taenia solium

MR Verastegui, A Mejia, T Clark, CM Gavidia… – The American Journal of …, 2015

Before intracranial inoculation, the rats were anesthetized with 70 mg/kg of ketamine plus

11 mg/kg of xylazine. Animals were euthanized after being anesthetized with a mixture of

100 mg/kg of ketamine, 10 mg/kg of xylazine, and 3 mg/kg of tramadol.


Photo of the Day: Low-dose Ketamine Infusions

A Katz – Emergency Medicine News, 2015

Wolters Kluwer Health may email you for journal alerts and information, but is committed to maintaining

your privacy and will not share your personal information without your express consent. For more

information, please refer to our Privacy Policy. This blog serves as a bulletin board for


[HTML] Impact of Anesthesia Protocols on In Vivo Bioluminescent Bacteria Imaging Results

T Chuzel, V Sanchez, M Vandamme, S Martin, O Flety… – PLOS ONE, 2015

S. aureus Xen36 strain. Bioluminescence imaging was performed on mice

anesthetized by either ketamine/xylazine (with or without oxygen supplementation),

or isoflurane carried with air or oxygen. Total flux emission was


Sedative and Anxiolytic Agents

SI Ganzberg, S Wilson – Oral Sedation for Dental Procedures in Children, 2015

The salient fea- tures of nitrous oxide, chloral hydrate, meperidine, midazolam, antihista- mines,

and ketamine are discussed in relation to sedating children for dental procedures. Studies

using ketamine administered orally have resulted in mixed results.


[HTML] Fractionated Radiation Exposure of Rat Spinal Cords Leads to Latent Neuro-Inflammation in Brain, Cognitive Deficits, and Alterations in Apurinic Endonuclease 1

MAS Kumar, M Peluso, P Chaudhary, J Dhawan… – PLOS ONE, 2015

Ethics Statement. All exposures to radiation were done under ip anesthesia of xylazine/ ketamine

mixture- 4.3–5 ml per rat (male, Wistar strain) for an average weight of 540–600 gms (80 mg/kg

body weight of ketamine and 8 mg/ kg body weight of xylazine in PBS).


Combinations of dexmedetomidine and alfaxalone with butorphanol in cats: application of an innovative stepwise optimisation method to identify optimal clinical doses …

C Adami, T Imboden, AE Giovannini, C Spadavecchia – Journal of Feline Medicine …, 2015

anaesthesia. Commonly used protocols often include an a 2 -adrenoreceptor agonist

to produce reliable sedation, an opioid derivative to provide some analgesia, and

ketamine owing to its anaesthetic and analgesic effects.


[HTML] Development of Animal Models of Local Retinal DegenerationAnimal Models of Local Retinal Degeneration

H Lorach, J Kung, C Beier, Y Mandel, R Dalal, P Huie… – … Ophthalmology & Visual …, 2015

Animal facility. For surgeries, animals (P35–P50) were anesthetized with ketamine

(75 mg/kg) and Xylazine (5 mg/kg), delivered by intramuscular injection. Subretinal

implantations were performed as previously described. 31


[HTML] Following specific podocyte injury captopril protects against progressive long term renal damage

YS Zhou, IA Ihmoda, RG Phelps, COS Bellamy… – F1000Research, 2015

VD DOM02, made by Orion Pharma, supplied by Henry Schein Medical) and 100mg/ml

ketamine (Vetalar) (Ref. Terminal blood samples were collected at week 8 from intraperitoneally

anaesthetised animals (injected with medetomidine and ketamine).


Clinical Sedation Regimens

S Wilson – Oral Sedation for Dental Procedures in Children, 2015

Page 74. Clinical Sedation Regimens Stephen Wilson S. Wilson, DMD, MA, PhD

Division of Pediatric Dentistry, Department of Pediatrics, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Medical Center, 3333 Burnet Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45229


Electrocardiogram reference intervals for clinically normal wild-born chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)

R Atencia, L Revuelta, JD Somauroo, RE Shave – American Journal of Veterinary …, 2015

Immediately before the examination procedures, body weight was estimated.

Chimpanzees were anesthetized by administration of a combination of ketamine

hydrochloride a (5 mg/kg) and medetomidine b (50 μg/kg). Anesthetic


Deep Sedation and GA

SI Ganzberg – Oral Sedation for Dental Procedures in Children, 2015

When an anesthesia machine capable of delivering sevoflurane is not available, as is typical

is most dental offices,“induction” is most commonly provided with an intramuscular injection of

ketamine and midazolam with or without an anticholinergic, ie, such as glycopyr- rolate or


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)


In-utero radiofrequency ablation in fetal piglets: lessons learned

OO Olutoye, AN Gay, F Sheikh, AC Akinkuotu… – Journal of Pediatric Surgery, 2015

Methods 90 day gestation Yorkshire piglets (term 115 days) were subjected to RFA of the

chest and abdominal viscera under various temperatures and wattages. The extent of tissue

damage was determined by NADPH diaphorase histochemistry. Results Tyne


Strain echocardiographic assessment of left atrial function predicts recurrence of atrial fibrillation

SI Sarvari, KH Haugaa, TM Stokke, HZ Ansari, IS Leren… – Eur Heart J Cardiovasc …, 2015

Of these, 30 had not while 31 had recurrence of AF after radiofrequency ablation (RFA). Twenty

healthy individuals were included for comparison. For patients with symptomatic drug-refractory

AF, radiofrequency ablation (RFA) has become an important therapy option.


[HTML] Current management of patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

T Kanda, S Ogasawara, T Chiba, Y Haga, M Omata… – World J Hepatol, 2015

of HCC. Many HCC patients are treated with surgical resection and radiofrequency

ablation (RFA), although these modalities should be considered in only selected

cases with a certain HCC number and size. Although there



T Chakalaa-Yancheva, S Tisheva, A Qnakieva… – Journal of Hypertension, 2015

In all patients MRA excluded new or progression of pre- existing low grade renal artery stenosis

as well as focal aneurysms at the sites of radiofrequency ablation. In none of the patients new

segmental perfusion deficits in either kidney were detected on MRI.


Multiscale Tetrahedral Meshes for FEM Simulations of Esophageal Injury

LA Neves, E Pavarino, MP Souza, CR Valencio… – Computer-Based Medical …, 2015

[3] OJ Eick and D. Bierbaum, “Tissue temperature- controlled radiofrequency ablation,” Pacing

and clinical electrophysiology, vol. [4] MO Siegel, DM Parenti, and GL Simon, “Atrialesophageal

fistula after atrial radiofrequency catheter ablation,” Clinical infectious diseases, vol.


The meaning of gross tumor type in the aspects of cytokeratin 19 expression and resection margin in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma

SC Gong, MY Cho, SW Lee, SH Kim, MY Kim, SK Baik – Journal of Gastroenterology …, 2015

From March 2012 to December 2014, 87 patients with HCC underwent surgical treatment including

intraoperative radiofrequency ablation at Wonju Severance Christian Hospital, Wonju, Korea.

Among them, 75 patients who underwent only hepatectomy were enrolled in


Impact of catheter ablation with remote magnetic navigation on procedural outcomes in patients with persistent and long-standing persistent atrial fibrillation

Q Jin, S Pehrson, PK Jacobsen, X Chen – Journal of Interventional Cardiac …, 2015

venous anatomy, left atrial (LA) volume, procedure time, mapping plus ablation time,

radiofrequency (RF) abla CFAEs at the right atrium were not mapped and ablated in this study.

Although PVAI and CFAE ablation time were calculat- ed separately, CFAE ablation time did


The role of AEG-1 in the development of liver cancer

CL Robertson, J Srivastava, D Rajasekaran, R Gredler… – Hepatic Oncology, 2015

by rapid growth and early vascular invasion and thus the incidence and mortality of the disease

run in parallel [1,3]. Standard treatment options for patients afflicted with localized forms of the

disease include surgical resection, radiofrequency ablation or liver transplantation [4–7


Unexpected Findings in the Left Atrium of a Patient with a Paravalvular Mitral Leak

FS Silva, CA Barreiros, MC Antunes, ÂL Nobre – Journal of Cardiothoracic and …, 2015

described including catheter-based cardiac interventions (eg valvular procedures, coronary

intervention, radiofrequency ablation), endocarditis, myocardial infarction and blunt cardiac

trauma.1 There are also cases of spontaneous dissection 2,10-11 occurring in patients with


[PDF] Typical chest pain and precordial leads ST-elevation in patients with pacemakers-are we always looking at an acute myocardial infarction?

MM Ostojić, TS Potpara, MM Polovina, MM Ostojić… – Vojnosanitetski pregled, 2015

ECG changes occurred due to pericardial re- action following two interventions: pacemaker

implantation a month before and radiofrequency catheter ablation of AV junction two weeks

before presentation in Emergency De- partment. Conclusion.


[PDF] AB10-06

RC ABLATION – Heart Rhythm, 2015

Methods: The clinical features including freedom from AF/atrial tachycardia (AT) recurrence

as outcome after RFCA were compared between women and men in 1: 1 age, AF type,

duration of AF (±1 year) matched manner. Subgroup analysis was performed in categories



S Chen – US Patent 20,150,201,988, 2015

Abstract: A multi-pole synchronous pulmonary artery radiofrequency ablation catheter may

comprise a control handle, a catheter body and an annular ring. One end of the catheter

body may be flexible, and the flexible end of the catheter body may be connected to the


Diagnostic and Interventional Endoscopy

Y Tomizawa, I Waxman – Atlas of Esophageal Surgery, 2015

previous ablation zone. Ablation is repeated until the entire length of disease has

received radiofrequency energy (Fig. 3.15). After the entire lesion is ablated, the

guidewire, ablation catheter, and endoscope are removed. For focal


[HTML] Osteoid osteoma masquerading tubercular arthritis or osteomyelitis on MRI: Case series and review of literature

JP Singh, S Srivastava, D Singh – Indian Journal of Radiology and Imaging, 2015

periostitis. The patient underwent CT-guided biopsy and radiofrequency ablation. The

effusion. A CT-guided radiofrequency ablation (RFA) [Figure 10]C was performed and

the patient remained symptom-free at 20 months follow-up. Figure


Hybrid Transthoracic Esophagectomy

B Borraez, MG Patti – Atlas of Esophageal Surgery, 2015

hernia, 11, 12 Schatzki’s ring, 12, 13 sliding hiatal hernia, 10, 11, 46 squamous cell cancer, 19

Zenker’s diverticulum, 15, 97 Barrett’s esophagus esophagectomy, 151, 152 focal nodular lesion,

25, 27 proximal resection margin, 141, 147 radiofrequency ablation, 23, 29 salmon



J Ribeiro, A Correia, R Ferreira, P Morgado, JM Bastos… – Journal of Hypertension, 2015

In all patients MRA excluded new or progression of pre- existing low grade renal artery stenosis

as well as focal aneurysms at the sites of radiofrequency ablation. In none of the patients new

segmental perfusion deficits in either kidney were detected on MRI.


Perspectives on the modern management of non-valvularatrial fibrillation: non-valvular af

R Gopal, MH Tayebjee – SA Heart, 2015

catheters and the development of balloon based or circular ablation catheters with multiple

ablation electrodes that can be applied to the pulmonary vein antrum to isolate pulmonary veins

and ablate left atrial substrate(44,17) (Figures 1 a,b,c). Both radiofrequency catheter and



BB Hill, J Hong, W Qi – US Patent 20,150,201,947, 2015

The following is a list of one or more advantages that may be achieved using the apparatus and

methods described herein, eg, as compared to endovenous laser, radiofrequency ablation

technologies, and other methods that destroy the vein by applying chemicals or applying


Fluorescence Imaging Systems (PDE, HyperEye Medical System, and Prototypes in Japan)

T Ishizawa, N Kokudo – Fluorescence Imaging for Surgeons: Concepts and …, 2015


Hepatocellular Carcinoma Precursor Lesions

ML Smith – Surgical Pathology of Liver Tumors, 2015


Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD)


A scoring rule-based truthful demand response mechanism

K Hara, T Ito – Computer and Information Science (ICIS), 2015 IEEE/ …, 2015

Therefore, conventional scoring rule with single item, such as Brier score [5] is of no use for this

mode. In order to rightfully incentivize the CA to make their prediction of device shifting for multiple

items rightfully; the continuous ranked probability score (CRPS) is applied [13].


[PDF] Why Attackers Win: On the Learnability of XOR Arbiter PUFs

F Ganji, S Tajik, JP Seifert – 2015

These attacks, as cost-effective approaches, can clone the challenge-response behavior of an

arbiter PUF by collecting a subset of challenge-response pairs (CRPs). Moreover, when applying

current ML attacks, the maximum number of CRPs required for Page 3.


[PDF] A Multivariate Modeling Approach for Generating Ensemble Climatology Forcing for Hydrologic Applications

S Khajehei – 2015

Page 1. Portland State University PDXScholar Dissertations and Theses Dissertations and Theses

Spring 7-21-2015 A Multivariate Modeling Approach for Generating Ensemble Climatology Forcing

for Hydrologic Applications Sepideh Khajehei Portland State University


[HTML] Oil Palm Leaf and Corn Stalk–Mechanical Properties and Surface Characterization

Z Daud, MZM Hatta, H Awang – Procedia-Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2015

Bhaduri et al., 1995; BK Bhaduri, A. Day, SB Mondal, .SK Sen; Ramie hemicelluloses as beater

additive in a paper making from jute-stick kraft pulp. Industrial Crps and Products, 4 (1995), pp.

79–84. Daud et al., 2013; Z. Daud, MZM Hatta, ASM Kassim, AM Aripin, H. Awang;


[HTML] Nerve injury and neuropathic pain–a question of age

M Fitzgerald, R McKelvey – Experimental Neurology, 2015

Furthermore several complex pain syndromes (eg CRPS) that emerge in older children are

associated with little or no measurable disease activity or inflammation at the time of presentation

and are clinically defined as ‘functional’ or ‘medically unexplained’ (Bromberg et al


Acute acalculous cholecystitis and cardiovascular disease: a land of confusion

M Tana, C Tana, G Cocco, G Iannetti, M Romano… – Journal of Ultrasound, 2015

Most common clinical onset was represented by fever (70 %) in opposite to abdominal pain

which occurred in 20 % of patients. 8/10 patients were male. Elevated CRPs, leukocytosis

(60 %), and elevated aminotransferase (30 %) occurred frequently.


[PDF] Characterizing the Stability of Okun’s Law during Economic Recessions by cross-Recurrence Plot and Rolling Regression

J Gao, Y Cao

2 n xx x , , , and 1 2 n yy y , , , , which, for concreteness, may be equated to unemployment and

production data, one obtains CRPs (Marwan & Kurths 2002; Marwan, et al. 2007). 4, No. 3 ~ 5 ~

Figure 2. Cross recurrence plots (CRPs); notice the correspondence of vertical


[PDF] Use of Hidden Markov Mobility Model for Location Prediction and Biclustering for Cache Replacement in MANET

BD Shelar, MDK Chitre

But these policies give satisfactory performance for stable user and prove inefficient for mobile

user which free to change his direction. Direction and Distance Based CRPs think for the mobile

nature of user. Prediction Based CRPs analyze the history of users’ movements.


Field Deployable Chemical Redox Probe for Quantitative Characterization of Carboxymethylcellulose Modified Nano Zerovalent Iron

D Fan, S Chen, RL Johnson, PG Tratnyek – 2015

Page 1. 1 2 Field Deployable Chemical Redox Probe for Quantitative Characterization of 3

Carboxymethylcellulose Modified Nano Zerovalent Iron 4 5 6 Dimin Fan, Shengwen Chen, Richard

L. Johnson, and Paul G. Tratnyek* 7 8 Institute of Environmental Health 9


Technical innovations for small-scale producers and households to process wet cassava peels into high quality animal feed ingredients and aflasafe™ substrate

I Okike, A Samireddypalle, L Kaptoge, C Fauquet… – Food Chain, 2015

Headache and Pain

R Baron, A May – 2015


Molecular Biology of Retinoblastoma

SD Walter, JW Harbour – Recent Advances in Retinoblastoma Treatment, 2015

Rb directly inhibits E2Fs by binding and masking the transactivation domain, and it also recruits

chromatin remodeling proteins (CRPs) that alter local chromatin structure into a confirmation

that is not permis- sive for transcription.(b) When Rb is hyperphosphory- lated, it does


[PDF] Guidelines for Neuromusculoskeletal Infrared Thermography Sympathetic Skin Response (SSR) Studies

DO Getson, S Govindan, J Uricchio, T Bernton…

Assessment of patients with presumptive Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) Type I or

II – formally known as Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), Thoracic Outlet Syndrome,

Vaso-motor Headache and Barre’-Leiou Syndrome. CRPS: Current Diagnosis and Therapy.


[HTML] Thread: Advances in treatment of post-amputation phantom limb pain

W Young, J Date

reviewed fifteen papers reporting mirror therapy to treat upper limb function and concluded that

most of the studies were weak methodologically and that the results suggest possible benefit

in patients after stroke and complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) but the


[PDF] Guidelines For Dental-Oral And Systemic Health Infrared Thermography

M Brioschi, H Usuki, BSN Jan Crawford, P Steed…

c. Relevant risk factors for inflammation or vasomotor instability: prior history of RSD

or CRPS, trauma, fracture, repetitive use, vibration syndrome, peripheral neuropathy,

spinal pathology, radiculopathy, vasomotor headache, Page 4.


[HTML] Chronic Pain Medication & Treatment Guide

AR Guide

cord injuries. It may develop months or years after injury or damage to the CNS.

This also includes conditions such as chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, and Complex

Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Tailoring selection of



F Place, P Hazell



THE CGIAR. Frank Place and Peter Hazell. WORKSHOP ON


CRPS A contingent hypothesis with prostaglandins as crucial conversion factor

PHE van der Veen – Medical Hypotheses, 2015

Abstract CRPS is an acute pain disease expressed as chronic pain with a severe loss of

tissue and function. CRPS usually occurs after minor injuries and then progresses in a way

that is scarcely controllable, or completely uncontrollable. This article addresses the


Vitamin C to Prevent Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Patients With Distal Radius Fractures: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials

N Evaniew, C McCarthy, YV Kleinlugtenbelt, M Ghert… – Journal of orthopaedic …, 2015

Collapse Box Abstract. Objective: To determine whether vitamin C is effective in preventing

complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) in patients with distal radius fractures. 2 CRPS has been

previously referred to as causalgia, reflex sympathetic dystrophy, and algodystrophy. 3.


Injury of the corticoreticular pathway in patients with mild traumatic brain injury: A diffusion tensor tractography study

HD Lee, SH Jang – Brain Injury, 2015

Figure 1. Diffusion tensor tractography for the corticoreticular pathway (CRP): a normal control

subject (44 year-old, female), type A = the CRPs showed narrowing, although integrity was

preserved from the premotor cortex to the reticular formation of the medulla, type B = the


[PDF] Plasma Exchange Therapy in Patients with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

E Aradillas, RJ Schwartzman, JR Grothusen, A Goebel – Pain Physician, 2015

Page 1. Background: Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a severe chronic

pain condition that most often develops following trauma. These patients were then

placed on Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a


Controversial Pain Syndromes of the Arm: Pathogenesis and Surgical Treatment of Resistant Cases

A Wilhelm – 2015


[PDF] Mixture EMOS model for calibrating ensemble forecasts of wind speed

S Baran, S Lerch – arXiv preprint arXiv:1507.06517, 2015

The most popular scoring rules are the logarithmic score, that is the negative logarithm of the

predictive PDF evaluated at the verifying observation and the continuous ranked probability score

(CRPS; Gneiting and Raftery, 2007; Wilks, 2011). CRPS(F, x) := ∫ ∞


[PDF] Targeted Ultrasound-Guided Double Catheters (Infraclavicular-Brachial Plexus, Median Nerve) Facilitate Hand Rehabilitation with Superb Analgesia and Motor …

AE Holman, B Sharma, VE Modest – Open Journal of Anesthesiology, 2015 Abstract A 44-year-old male who suffered a

crush-degloving hand injury complicated by Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) type

I was scheduled for operative hand manipulation and inpatient physi- otherapy.


Leads for neurostimulation and methods of assembling same

A Raines – US Patent 9,084,882, 2015

As used herein the term “complex regional pain syndrome” or “CRPS” refers to painful

conditions that usually affect the distal part of an upper or lower extremity and are

associated with characteristic clinical phenomena. CRPS


[PDF] Identification and characterization of a novel family of cysteine-rich peptides (MgCRP-I) from Mytilus galloprovincialis

M Gerdol, N Puillandre, G De Moro, C Guarnaccia… – Genome Biology and …, 2015

encoding peptides with unique chemico-physical properties and/or sequence patterns. Actually,

cysteine-rich peptides (CRPs) encompass a large and widespread group of secreted plants

(Gruber, et al. 2007; Marshall, et al. 2011; Taylor, et al. 2008). Invertebrate CRPs are


Peri‐infarct reorganization of an injured corticoreticulospinal tract in a patient with cerebral infarct

SH Jang, J Lee, HD Lee – International Journal of Stroke, 2015

(c) The CRPs are descended through the subcortical white matter in two age-matched normal

control subjects. Letter to the editor © 2015 World Stroke Organization E62 Vol 10, August 2015,

E62–E63 Page 2. References 1 Yeo SS, Chang MC, Kwon YH, Jung YJ, Jang SH.




Depressive-like symptoms in a reserpine-induced model of fibromyalgia in rats

A Blasco-Serra, F Escrihuela-Vidal, EM González-Soler… – Physiology & Behavior, 2015

Abstract Since the pathogenesis of fibromyalgia is unknown, treatment options are limited,

ineffective and in fact based on symptom relief. A recently proposed rat model of

fibromyalgia is based on central depletion of monamines caused by reserpine


Is there any link between joint hypermobility and mitral valve prolapse in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome?

E Kozanoglu, IC Benlidayi, RE Akilli, A Tasal – Clinical Rheumatology, 2015

Abstract The objective of the present study is to determine whether benign joint

hypermobility syndrome (BJHS) modifies the risk of mitral valve prolapse (MVP) in patients

with fibromyalgia (FM). Female patients fulfilling the 1990 American College of


[HTML] Calibration and Validation of the Dutch-Flemish PROMIS Pain Interference Item Bank in Patients with Chronic Pain

MHP Crins, LD Roorda, N Smits, HCW de Vet… – PLOS ONE, 2015

as pain that persists beyond the normal tissue healing time, in which the most prevalent pain

is musculoskeletal pain, with prevalence varying from 30–40% for low back pain, 15–20% for

shoulder- and neck pain, 10–15% for chronic widespread pain and 2% for fibromyalgia [3,4


Assessment of response bias in neurocognitive evaluations

DA Carone – NeuroRehabilitation, 2015

survey data of neuropsychologists show that the base rates of malingering or symptom

exaggeration are much higher (29% to 41%) in settings where patients are seeking financial

compensation or disability and in patient groups (ie, concussion, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue



S Lopez-Pousa, GB Pagès, S Monserrat-Vila

ABSTRACT Background and objective: Most patients with fibromyalgia benefit from different

forms of physical exercise. Studies show that exercise can help restore the body’s

neurochemical balance and that it triggers a positive emotional state. So, regular exercise


[HTML] Miller Chiropractic & Laser Treatment Center

D Emery

Acta Medica Academica 2013;42(1):46-54. doi: 10.5644/ama2006-124.70. Study Finds

Chiropractic Beneficial for Fibromyalgia. A new study from Egypt reports that chiropractic care

can be an effective treatment strategy for fibromyalgia treatment with chiropractic care.


[PDF] Cost-effectiveness of 40-hour versus 100-hour vocational rehabilitation on work participation for workers on sick leave due to subacute or chronic musculoskeletal …

TT Beemster, JM van Velzen, CAM van Bennekom… – Trials, 2015

as follows: 1) individuals of working age (18 to 65 years); 2) suffering from subacute (6 to 12 weeks)

or chronic (>12 weeks) nonspecific musculoskeletal pain such as back, neck, shoulder,

widespread pain, Whiplash Associated Disorder (WAD I or II), or fibromyalgia; 3) having


Peer-Reviewed Abstracts

D Avans – Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 2015

Fine motor control knowingly declines with age and certain diseases such as fibromyalgia and

cerebral palsy (Perez-de-Heredia-Torres, 2013). Research of this nature could also be translated

to diseased populations such as those with fibromyalgia or diabetes.


Gastro-protective and Anti-stress Efficacies of Monomethyl Fumarate and a Fumaria indica Extract in Chronically Stressed Rats

A Shakya, UK Soni, G Rai, SS Chatterjee, V Kumar – Cellular and Molecular …, 2015

are some of the major symptoms of numerous, if not all, chronic inflammatory diseases

accompanying central sensitivity syndromes (Yunus 2008 ), and it is now well recognized that

cytokine and immune system abnormalities are the root cause of fibromyalgia and other central


[PDF] Mechanisms of action of balneotherapy in rheumatic diseases

A Fioravanti, S Cheleschi – IV CIBAP BOÍ 2015

Anti-inflammatory aspects Recent studies have shown a reduction of circulating levels of

Prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) and Leukotriene B4 (LTB4), important mediators of inflammation and

pain, in patients suffering from OA or fibromyalgia who undergo mud-packs or


Determinants of Patient Satisfaction in an Academic Rheumatology Practice.

JH Ku, A Danve, H Pang, D Choi, JT Rosenbaum – Journal of clinical rheumatology: …, 2015

95% CI, -15.25 to -3.25), arthralgia (β = -8.67; 95% CI, -16.60 to -0.74), myalgia (β = -8.67; 95%

CI, -16.60 to -0.74), gout (β = -7.5; 95% CI, -14.13 to -0.89), ankylosing spondylitis (β = -5.20;

95% CI, -9.65 to -0.75), pain (β = -4.62; 95% CI, -8.43 to -0.81), fibromyalgia (β = -4.62; 95


Method and Apparatus for Diagnosing and Assessing Centralized Pain

JB Hargrove – US Patent 20,150,201,879, 2015

Because of this emerging understanding, the role of CS is increasingly being shown to be

pathological in seemingly unrelated chronic pain conditions and syndromes including fibromyalgia,

complex regional pain syndrome, phantom pain, and migraine headaches.



E Berry, Y Avraham, J Katzhendler, J Mograbi… – US Patent 20,150,202,179, 2015

Abstract: The invention provides fatty acid derivatives for use in a method of treatment of at least

one disease, disorder or condition selected from anxiety, depression, conditions associated

menopause, stress, bipolar disorder, neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia.



A Rajpal, MN Devalaraja, K Toy, L Yang, H Huang… – US Patent 20,150,203,574, 2015

The term “fibromyalgia” is also known as fibromyalgia syndrome. The American College

of Rheumatology (ACR) 1990 classification criteria for fibromyalgia include a history

of chronic, widespread pain for more than three months


Impact of Gender-Based Aggression on Women’s Mental Health in Portugal

M Reis, L Ramiro, MG de Matos – … Mental Health: Resistance and Resilience in …, 2015

The rate was even higher for women who had experienced non-partner sexual violence (WHO,

2013). Health effects can also include headaches, back pain, abdominal pain, fibromyalgia,

gastrointestinal disorders, limited mobility, and poor overall health (WHO, 2013).


Pain 2014 Refresher Courses: 15th World Congress on Pain

SN Raja, CL Sommer – 2015


Restless Legs Syndrome: The Devil Is in the Details

PJ Sampognaro, RE Salas, A Kalloo, C Gamaldo – Sleepy or Sleepless: Clinical …, 2015

medical conditions Restless legs syndrome (Willis-Ekbom disease) Renal failure Periodic limb

movement disorder Anemia REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD) Peripheral neuropathy

Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) Rheumatoid arthritis Fibromyalgia Attention deficit


[PDF] Dermatologic Extrahepatic Manifestations of Hepatitis C

B Dedania, GY Wu – Journal of Clinical and Translational Hepatology, 2015

cutanea tarda23 – Lichen planus33,35,36 – Sicca syndrome – Auto-antibody productions

(rheumatoid factor, cryoglobulins, anti-smooth muscle) – Glomerulonephritis12 C. Possible

association2,16 – Polyarthritis – Pruritus – Fibromyalgia – Chronic polyradiculoneuropathy – Lung



E Skolnik, Z Li, S Srivastava – US Patent 20,150,204,846, 2015

Exemplary IgE-mediated allergic disorders include, without limitation, allergic rhinitis,

allergic or atopic asthma, anaphylaxis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, hay fever,

fibromyalgia, and an immediate type hypersensitivity reaction.


Psychological Interventions for the Management of Chronic Pain: a Review of Current Evidence

RS Kaiser, M Mooreville, K Kannan – Current Pain and Headache Reports, 2015

A few of the many variants of this approach will be highlighted. Currently, cognitive

behavioral therapy (CBT) is a first-line psychological treatment for individuals with chronic

pain, such as back pain, headache, arthritis, and fibromyalgia [ 12 •].

First Clinical Trial Shows Efficacy of IV Ketamine for Suicidal Thoughts

First Clinical Trial Shows Efficacy of IV Ketamine for Suicidal Thoughts

Ketamine is a long known anesthetic agent that is still used for induction anesthesia in medicine today.  It is also used off label for the treatment of various treatment-resistant diseases ranging from depression to various pain disorders.  For the treatment of pain, intravenous ketamine has proven successful in countless case studies and numerous placebo-controlled clinical trials.  Interestingly, ketamine has gained much attention in the media recently as a possible treatment for depression.  Since originally reported as efficacious in certain cases of depression, it has proven successful in subtypes of this disease, like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Although suicidality (suicidal thoughts) is commonly expected to accompany depression, this is not always the case.  The two diseases are clinically different as defined by the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM).  Interestingly, a recent clinical study aimed to assess the efficacy of intravenous (IV) ketamine for the treatment of suicidal cognition in symptomatic patients with treatment-resistant unipolar major depression.  The patients that were entered into this trial had inadequate responses to more than three other antidepressant medications.  Interestingly, there is currently no FDA-approved drug for the treatment of suicidality.  A team of researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, Baylor College of Medicine, and the Michael E. Debakey VA Medical Center conducted a placebo controlled clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of intravenous ketamine for the treatment of suicidality.  Fifty seven patients completed the trial and were assessed by the researchers using a composite index of explicit suicidal ideation.  A psychoactive placebo, midazolam, was used.

The researchers published their findings in the journal of Depression and Anxiety.  They found that the intravenous ketamine group had rapid reductions in suicidal cognition “over and above” the active placebo group.  This finding could be critical for the development of an FDA-approved medication for the treatment of suicidality, a would-be first for this indication.  The researchers concluded that their findings warrant further study into ketamine’s antisuicidal effects in higher-risk patients.

Intravenous ketamine is offered at the Florida Spine Institute by Dr. Ashraf Hanna’s clinical team.  Dr. Hanna has achieved great success using IV ketamine for the treatment of many diseases that fail to respond adequately to conventional therapies.  To find out if this therapy might be right for you, please make an appointment to see Dr. Hanna.

Weekly Breaking Research Updates, June 22, 2015

Weekly Breaking Research Updates, June 22, 2015

Weekly Breaking Research Updates

Scientific breakthroughs happen every day!  In an effort to help our patients stay up to speed on the most cutting edge treatment options available for them, our scientists monitor current research and publish weekly research updates.  The title of each article below is a link to the full study report.  If you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Hanna to discuss your treatment options, please contact us.




Ketamine and Phencyclidine: the good, the bad and the unexpected

D Lodge, MS Mercier – British Journal of Pharmacology, 2015

ABSTRACT: The history of ketamine and phencyclidine from their development as potential

clinical anaesthetics, through drugs of abuse and animal models of schizophrenia to

potential rapidly acting antidepressants is reviewed. The discovery in 1983 of the NMDA


Intra‐and postoperative low‐dose ketamine for adolescent idiopathic scoliosis surgery: a randomized controlled trial

R Minoshima, S Kosugi, D Nishimura, N Ihara, H Seki… – Acta Anaesthesiologica …, 2015

Background In this randomized controlled trial, we examined whether intra-and

postoperative infusion of low-dose ketamine decreased postoperative morphine

requirement and morphine-related adverse effects as nausea and vomiting after scoliosis


Period Prevalence of Ketamine-Propofol Admixture “Ketofol” in the Operating Room among Anesthesia Providers at an Academic Medical Center

AN Olson, WR Rao, ME Marienau, NJ Smischney – Medical Science Monitor, 2015

BACKGROUND: The primary aim of this study was to determine the period prevalence of the

single-syringe ketamine-propofol admixture used for sedation and induction among

anesthesia providers during a 5-year period before and after educational sessions


Electrochemiluminescence immunosensor for ketamine detection based on polyamidoamine-coated carbon dot film

Q Li, W Tang, Y Wang, J Di, J Yang, Y Wu – Journal of Solid State Electrochemistry, 2015

Abstract In this work, we reported the synthesis of water-soluble carbon dots (CDs) by a one-

step hydrothermal synthetic route using polyamidoamine (PAMAM) as platform and

passivant, where the formation of CDs capped with PAMAM and the surface passivation


Letter to the editor: When what you see might not be what you get: prudent considerations of anesthetics for murine echocardiography

J Wu, J You, S Wang, Y Ye, X Wang, J Jia, Y Zou – American Journal of Physiology- …, 2015

In their well- designed experiments, the authors compared four popular an- esthetic regimens

(ketamine-xylazine, ketamine alone, avertin, and isoflurane) used in mice during

echocardiographic mea- surement, with conscious state as a reference.


Ketamine promotes inflammation through increasing TLR4 expression in RAW264. 7 cells

C Meng, Z Liu, G Liu, L Fu, M Zhang, Z Zhang, H Xia… – Journal of Huazhong …, 2015

Summery Ketamine (KTM), a N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist, was found

to has an anti-inflammatory effect, but some patients suffered from exacerbated pro-

inflammatory reactions after anesthesia with KTM. The present study was aimed to


The effect of NMDA receptor antagonists and antidepressants on resting state in major depressive disorder

A Dutta – 2015

fMRI ; major depressive disorder ; resting state ; antidepressant ; lanicemine ; ketamine ; citalopram

; anterior cingulate cortex ; NMDA ; glutamate. Ketamine and other NMDA antagonists have

improved MDD symptoms within 24 hours though the effects are short lasting.


Assessing Measures of Suicidal Ideation in Clinical Trials with a Rapid-Acting Antidepressant

ED Ballard, DA Luckenbaugh, EM Richards, TL Walls… – Journal of Psychiatric …, 2015

Received 22 April 2015, Revised 21 May 2015, Accepted 5 June 2015, Available online 16 June

2015. Highlights. • Clinical trials of ketamine and suicide will require appropriate measurement. •

We compared several suicide assessment measures in ketamine clinical trials. •



AR Durrant, U Heresco-Levy – Encyclopedia of Psychopharmacology, 2015

of this concept became evident during the last decade when robust antidepressant effects

emerging within 2–4 h and lasting up to more than 2 weeks were obtained and replicated fol-

lowing intravenous administration of single sub-anesthetic doses of ketamine (Krystal et al.


Depression: Response and Remission

SD Østergaard, GI Papakostas, M Fava – Encyclopedia of Psychopharmacology, 2015

of this concept became evident during the last decade when robust antidepressant effects

emerging within 2–4 h and lasting up to more than 2 weeks were obtained and replicated fol-

lowing intravenous administration of single sub-anesthetic doses of ketamine (Krystal et al.


Is pre-emptive administration of ketamine a significant adjunction to intravenous morphine analgesia for controlling postoperative pain? A randomized, double-blind, …

A Fiorelli, A Mazzella, B Passavanti, P Sansone… – … and Thoracic Surgery, 2015

OBJECTIVES To evaluate if the pre-emptive administration of ketamine would potentiate the

effect of intravenous morphine analgesia in the management of post-thoracotomy pain.

METHODS This was a unicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel-group,


Kappa-Opioid Agonists

E Opioid – 2015

It is considered a precancerous condition. Ketamine Synonyms Ketalar; Ketaset Definition

Ketamine is an FDA-approved medication for induction and maintenance of anesthesia

in adults. It is a phencyclidine derivative first synthetized in 1962.


Investigation of the effects of stress on some liver enzymes (AST, ALT, ALP) in rats.

YG Gencer, A Çınar, B Comba – Atatürk Üniversitesi Veteriner Bilimleri Dergisi, 2015

was applied intraperitoneally (ip) to the experimental group. After 3 h, blood samples

were collected from both groups under ketamine anaesthesia, using appropriate

techniques. The control group serum AST, ALT, ALP values


Back to the Future: Are Tumor-Targeting Bacteria the Next-Generation Cancer Therapy?

RM Hoffman – Gene Therapy of Solid Cancers, 2015

7. Anesthetic reagents (ketamine, xylazine, acepromazine maleate). 8. Kanamycin. 9. Nair. 10.

1. Four-week-old female mice were anesthetized by a ketamine mixture (10 μl ketamine HCL,

7.6 μl xylazine, 2.4 μl acepromazine maleate, and 10 μl H 2 O) via sc injection.


[PDF] The Protective Effect of Melatonin vs. Vitamin E in the Ischemic/Reperfused Skeletal Muscle in the Adult Male Rat Model

EA Mohamed – J Cytol Histol S, 2015

All surgical procedures were performed under anesthesia with IP injection of

Ketamine hydrochloride (Ketame, Egyptian Int. Co. After 2 hours of reperfusion, the

rats were sacrificed by Ketamine hydrochloride (100 mg/kg) [10].


[PDF] CORM2 protects from myocardial ischemia reperfusion injury via modulation of the inflammatory response and apoptosis

NR Hadi, FG Al-Amran, KA Muhsin, A Taher – Journal of Advanced Pharmacy …, 2015

2% vials (RompunTM, Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany), ketamine (Hikma, Jordan), ethanol

(Fluka, Switzerland) and normal saline (KSA). Rat (IL-1β), (IL- Surgical LAD ligation The rats were

anesthetized by intraperitoneal injection with a mixture of ketamine and xylazine in a


[HTML] Long-term correlation of the electrocorticogram as a bioindicator of brain exposure to ionizing radiation

LAA Aguiar, IMS Silva, TS Fernandes, RA Nogueira – Brazilian Journal of Medical and …, 2015

The irradiation was carried out with the animals anesthetized with 10 mg/kg xylazine and 75

mg/kg ketamine administered intraperitoneally. To record the ECoG, animals were anesthetized

with 10 mg/kg xylazine and 75 mg/kg ketamine administered intraperitoneally.


[HTML] The Anti-Tumor Effects of Adipose Tissue Mesenchymal Stem Cell Transduced with HSV-Tk Gene on U-87-Driven Brain Tumor

SM de Melo, S Bittencourt, EG Ferrazoli, CS da Silva… – PLOS ONE, 2015

The animals were anesthetized via the ip injection of a ketamine (100 mg/kg) and xylazine

(10 mg/kg) solution (Syntec, 1356009 and 1720407) and fastened to a stereotaxic

instrument (David Kopf) equipped with a mouse adapter (Enlaup).


[HTML] Intrarectal Lidocaine-Diltiazem-Meperidine Gel for Transrectal Ultrasound Guided Prostate Biopsy

F Imani, Y Moghaddam, RS Moharari, F Etezadi… – Anesthesiology and Pain …, 2015

4, 6) or bupivacaine as a single agent (7). These latter studies have suggested that rectal

administration of lidocaine gel is a safe, simple modality, without any discomfort for patients (8).

Not only local anesthetic agents but also intravenous anesthetic drugs (ketamine) (9) or


[PDF] Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome: Improving Outcomes Through Early Identification And Aggressive Treatment Strategies

AF Pizon – 2015

Page 1. June 2015 Volume 17, Number 6 Authors Joseph H. Yanta, MD Medical

Toxicology Fellow, Division of Medical Toxicology, Dept. of Emer- gency Medicine,

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA Greg


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)


Use of Contact Force Sensing Technology During Radiofrequency Ablation Reduces Recurrence of Atrial Fibrillation: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

MR Afzal, J Chatta, A Samanta, S Waheed… – Heart Rhythm, 2015

ScienceDirect is phasing out support for older versions of Internet Explorer on Jan 12, 2016.

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use a different browser: Firefox or Chrome. For additional information please see the


Comparison of Surgical Resection and Radiofrequency Ablation for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Take Care Not to Neglect Radiofrequency Technic and Device.

A Hocquelet, M Montaudon, P Balageas, N Frulio… – Annals of Surgery, 2015

Wolters Kluwer Health may email you for journal alerts and information, but is committed to maintaining

your privacy and will not share your personal information without your express consent. For more

information, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Skip Navigation Links Home >


Effect of different ablation settings on acute complications using the novel irrigated multipolar radiofrequency ablation catheter (nMARQ)

T Deneke, P Müller, P Halbfaß, A Szöllösi, M Roos… – Journal of Cardiovascular …, 2015

Background: Single-shot ablation devices for pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) in patients with

symptomatic atrial fibrillation (AF) have been increasingly used in clinical practice. Objective:

A novel mapping-system integrated irrigated multipolar circular ablation catheter (nMARQ)


Long-Term Effects of Ganglionated Plexi Ablation on Electrophysiological Characteristics and Neuron Remodeling in Target Atrial Tissues in a Canine Model

X Wang, M Zhang, Y Zhang, X Xie, W Wang, Z Li… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

Long-Term Effects of Ganglionated Plexi Ablation on Electrophysiological Characteristics and

Neuron Remodeling in Target Atrial Tissues in a Canine Model. Atrial electrophysiological

characteristics were examined before ablation, immediately and continuously after ablation.


… to Letter From Bisbal et al Regarding,“Repeat Left Atrial Catheter Ablation: Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Prediction of Endocardial Voltage and Gaps in Ablation

JL Harrison, C Sohns, NW Linton, R Karim, SE Williams… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

Tolosana JM,; Arbelo E,; de Caralt TM,; Perea RJ,; Brugada J,; Mont L. CMR-guided

approach to localize and ablate gaps in repeat AF ablation procedure. JACC Cardiovasc

Imaging . 2014;7:653–663. doi: 10.1016/j.jcmg.2014.01.014.


Pulmonary vein stenosis after pulmonary vein isolation using duty-cycled unipolar/bipolar radiofrequency ablation guided by intracardiac echocardiography

S Asbach, F Schluermann, L Trolese, M Langer… – Journal of Interventional …, 2015

Purpose Concerning rates of pulmonary vein (PV) stenosis were reported following PV

isolation (PVI) with a circular pulmonary vein ablation catheter (PVAC). As this may depend

on intraprocedural imaging, we evaluated the incidence of PV stenosis in patients


Atrioventricular Block During Slow Pathway Ablation Entirely Preventable?

H Chen, M Shehata, W Ma, J Xu, J Cao, E Cingolani… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

In a small percentage of cases of AVNRT, it may be necessary to ablate within the CS

with larger atrial potentials, however, ablation at the roof of the proximal CS carries

a high risk of AV nodal block during radiofrequency application.


Is There Still a Role for CFAE Ablation in Addition to Pulmonary Vein Isolation in Patients with Paroxysmal and Persistent Atrial Fibrillation? A Meta-Analysis of 1,415 …

R Providência, PD Lambiase, N Srinivasan, GG Babu… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

Is There Still a Role for CFAE Ablation in Addition to Pulmonary Vein Isolation in Patients with

Paroxysmal and Persistent Atrial Fibrillation? We aimed to assess the impact of CFAE ablation

in addition to pulmonary vein isolation (PVI) in patients undergoing ablation for AF.


Real-Time Contact Force Measurement A Key Parameter for Controlling Lesion Creation With Radiofrequency Energy

DC Shah, M Namdar – Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, 2015

Low CF values are also advisable in the vicinity of already ablated sites, where the for the

acquisition of reliable mapping information and achievement of stable ablation lesions 183 gs)

as area under curve (red hatched zone) during short duration of radiofrequency (RF) energy


Atrioventricular Nodal Block With Atrioventricular Nodal Reentrant Tachycardia Ablation

SJ Asirvatham, WG Stevenson – Circulation: Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology, 2015

a relatively slow stable, junctional rhythm with consistent stable retrograde atrial conduction during

radiofrequency application. of energy delivery, junctional rhythm may not be seen despite adequate

slow pathway ablation, and the operator may be inclined to ablate at more


[HTML] Near-infrared spectroscopy integrated catheter for characterization of myocardial tissues: preliminary demonstrations to radiofrequency ablation therapy for atrial …

RP Singh-Moon, CC Marboe, CP Hendon – Biomedical Optics Express, 2015

Abstract Effects of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) treatment of atrial fibrillation can be limited

by the ability to characterize the tissue in contact. Parameters obtained by conventional

catheters, such as impedance and temperature can be insufficient in providing


A Phase 2, Open-Label, Randomized Study of Pexa-Vec (JX-594) Administered by Intratumoral Injection in Patients with Unresectable Primary Hepatocellular …

CJ Breitbach, A Moon, J Burke, TH Hwang, DH Kirn – Gene Therapy of Solid Cancers, 2015

Download Protocol (725 KB). Abstract. Primary liver cancer (hepatocellular carcinoma; HCC)

in patients not eligible for surgery or transplant is currently treated by locoregional therapeutic

approaches, including trans-arterial chemoembolization and radiofrequency ablation.


[PDF] Feasibility and efficacy of helical tomotherapy in cirrhotic patients with unresectable hepatocellular carcinoma

CM Huang, MY Huang, JY Tang, SC Chen, LY Wang… – World Journal of Surgical …, 2015

Several other treatment modalities for patients with unresectable HCC, including percutaneous

ethanol injection (PEI), radiofrequency ablation (RFA), and transcatheter arterial

chemoembolization (TACE), seem to be more effective in smaller tumors and are contraindicated


The Wolf-Parkinson-White ECG Pattern-Assessing the Mortality Risk

E Posan – Journal of Insurance Medicine, 2015

32. MANAGEMENT. Radiofrequency Ablation Therapy With pacing maneuvers, the accessory

pathway properties are defined, potential tachycardias are induced, accurate mapping (localization)

of the accessory pathway is achieved and radiofrequency ablation is employed.


[HTML] Congenital (in growing) osteoma skull in 20-day-old neonate

PG Devi, TS Venkatachalam, YV Sharma, MP Kumar – CHRISMED Journal of …, 2015

6. 7. Virayavanich W, Singh R, O’Donnell RJ, Horvai AE, Goldsby RE, Link TM. Osteoid osteoma

of the femur in a 7-month-old infant treated with radiofrequency ablation. Skeletal Radiol

2010;39:1145-9. Back to cited text no. 7. 8. McHugh JB, Mukherji SK, Lucas DR.


[PDF] Simulating and Optimizing the Response of a Sine Wave Finite state Machine with Timestamp Simulation Using Simulink

M Kalpna, MA Varma – International Journal of Research, 2015

[5.] Dagmara M. Dołęga, Jerzy Barglik, (2012) “Computer modeling and simulation of

radiofrequency thermal ablation“, COMPEL – The international journal for computation and

mathematics in electrical and electronic engineering, Vol. 31 Iss: 4, pp.1087 – 1095


[PDF] Coexistence of permanent junctional reciprocating tachycardia with rheumatic valvular disease; a case sucessfully treated with radiofrequency ablation

M Aydın, A Yıldız, M Yüksel, Y İslamoğlu

Abstract A seventeen years old female had presented with palpitation. On the

electrocardiography (ECG), long RP, narrow QRS tachycardia, inverted P waves in leads

D2, D3 and aVF were noticed. On transthoracic echocardiography, rheumatic mitral


[PDF] Macrophage Inflammatory Protein Derivative ECI301

T Radiotherapy

inhibition by ECI301 was not attributable to radiation alone but also shown to other factors such

as the heat generated from high-frequency alter- nating current, namely radiofrequency ablation

(RFA; ref. 5B), significant differences were ablated by the anti- HMGB1 antibody.


[PDF] Regenerative Injection Treatment in the Spine: Review and Case Series with Platelet Rich Plasma. J Stem Cells Res

D Aufiero, H Vincent, S Sampson, M Bodor – Rev & Rep, 2015

back or neck pain refractory to physical therapy, trigger point injections, medial branch blocks,

or radio- frequency ablation. There is scarce evidence supporting less commonly performed

non-surgical treatments for lumbar radiculopathy including pulsed radiofrequency to the


[HTML] Modern medicine-morcellation

SC Olmstead

abandoned as a surgical procedure? What about noninvasive treatment options that

leave the presumed fibroid inside the body, such as uterine artery embolization,

MRI-guided focused ultrasound, and radiofrequency ablation?


Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD)


What outcome measures are commonly used for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome clinical trials? A systematic review of the literature

S Grieve, L Jones, N Walsh, C McCabe – European Journal of Pain, 2015

Background and objective. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition,

often triggered by trauma to a limb and characterized by sensory, motor, autonomic and trophic

changes within the affected limb. 2.4 Classification of CRPS clinical trials.



A Najiha, J Alagesan, VJ Rathod, P Paranthaman – Int J Physiother Res, 2015

Three particular conditions that have been studied the most are stroke, CRPS and phantom

limb pain. MT was used in conditions like stroke, cerebral palsy (CP), complex regional pain

syndrome (CRPS), phantom limb pain (PL) and fracture rehabilitation.


Physical Therapy Treatment for Patients Diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

J Connole – 2015

Abstract. This case study and evidence-based research analyzes the effects of physical

therapy interventions on a patient diagnosed with type 1 complex regional pain

syndrome (CRPS) to determine the most beneficial treatments.


Hybrid short-term freeway speed prediction methods based on periodic analysis

Y Zou, X Hua, Y Zhang, Y Wang – Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering, 2015

Page 1. Hybrid short-term freeway speed prediction methods based on periodic

analysis By Yajie Zou, Ph.D. Research associate 133B More Hall, Box 352700

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering University of


[HTML] Japanese MD Develops Nutritional Protocols for Gardasil/Cervarix HPV Vaccine Injury

LC Botha – 2015

subacute sclerosing panencephalitis; CRPS: Complex regional pain syndrome; POTS:

Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome; Anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome;

SLE: systemic lupus erythematosus; Rheumatoid arthritis;


The social behavior of children adopted from Russian Federation: a controlled study

C Caprin, L Ballarin, L Benedan, A Castelli – Psicologia clinica dello sviluppo, 2015

Nonostante nella ricerca si sia utilizzata la forma estesa per genitori dello strumento

(CRPS-R:L; Conners, validazione Italiana a cura di Nobile, Alberti e Zuddas, 2007), composta

da 80 item (valori di a com- presi fra 0.57 e 0.91 per i maschi e 0.58 e 0.89 per le femmine), in


A Review of the Use of Stellate Ganglion Block in the Treatment of PTSD

E Lipov, EC Ritchie – Current Psychiatry Reports, 2015

14. Lipov EG, Joshi JR, et al. A unifying theory linking the prolonged efficacy of the stellate

ganglion block for the treatment of chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS), hot flashes,

and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Med Hypotheses.


Addiction Recovery in Services and Policy: An International Overview

A Laudet, D Best – Textbook of Addiction Treatment: International …, 2015

model is growing in popularity nationwide: in the past decade, growing concerns about substance

use on campus and federal agencies’ focus on building a community-based continuum of care

system for youths have fueled a fivefold increase in the number of CRPs, from four


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R Frank

43. Canalith Repositioning Procedures. The recommended treatment for BPPV is a canalith

repositioning procedure (CRP). There are several CRPs described in the literature; the most

studied and used in the United States was first described by Epley in 1992.


Central habituation and distraction alter C‐fibre‐mediated laser‐evoked potential amplitudes

P Hüllemann, YQ Shao, G Manthey, A Binder, R Baron – European Journal of Pain, 2015

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Nuclear Medicine Imaging of Sport Injuries of the Wrist, Hand and Fingers

M Sathekge, FE Suleman, MD Velleman, R Clauss – Nuclear Medicine and …, 2015

Abductor pollicis longus. CRPS: Chronic regional pain syndrome. 1997 ). 24.7 Complex Regional

Pain Syndrome (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, Sudeck’s Dystrophy). Complex regional pain

syndrome (CRPS) is one of the most challenging chronic pain conditions of the limbs.


The Child with a Painful Limp

J Robb – Paediatric Orthopaedic Diagnosis, 2015

There may be symptoms of psychological distress and further specialist evaluation may

reveal an underlying cause. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Children with

CRPS type 1 affecting the lower limb often limp (Wilder et al. 1992 ).


Complex regional pain syndrome type I. An analysis of 7 cases in children

VP Stalla, CM Olaso, VK Almada, GG Rabelino – Neurología (English Edition), 2015

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is characterised by the presence of pain accompanied

by sensory, autonomic and motor symptoms, usually preceded by a lesio.


Vitamin C, Extremity Trauma and Surgery

N Shibuya, MR Agarwal, DC Jupiter – 2015

987 Abstract Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is a devastating condition often seen

after extrem- ity injury and surgery. Efficacy and safety of vitamin C used to prevent CRPS are

discussed. List of Abbreviations CRPS Complex regional pain syndrome Introduction


Psychological Factors as Outcome Predictors for Spinal Cord Stimulation

T Bendinger, N Plunkett, D Poole, D Turnbull – Neuromodulation: Technology at the …, 2015

SCS trials were offered for the following indications: failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS),

refractory radiculopathy or peripheral neuropathy, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS),

and refractory angina (at the beginning of observed period—since 2008, this indication is not


[PDF] The Role of Transitional Justice and Access to Justice in Conflict Resolution and Democratic Advancement

MF Moscati – 2015

year mandate. The Community Reconciliation Processes (CRPs) of Timor-Leste were created

with the specific aim of dealing with disputes between perpetrators into their communities. The

possibility of recourse to CRPs was established by the United Nations Transitional


Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in Children: a Multidisciplinary Approach and Invasive Techniques for the Management of Nonresponders

MJ Rodriguez‐Lopez, M Fernandez‐Baena, A Barroso… – Pain Practice, 2015

Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) is multifactorial condition with complex

pathogenesis characterized by spontaneous or stimulus-induced pain that is

disproportionate to the inciting event. It is also commonly accompanied


Analgesic response to intravenous ketamine is linked to a circulating microRNA signature in female complex regional pain syndrome patients

SR Douglas, BB Shenoda, RA Qureshi, A Sacan… – The Journal of Pain, 2015

Although ketamine is beneficial in treating complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), a subset

of patients respond poorly to therapy. We investigated treatment-ind. Highlights. • We studied

ketamine treatment induced miRNA alterations in blood from CRPS patients. •


Peptide signalling during the pollen tube journey and double fertilization

LJ Qu, L Li, Z Lan, T Dresselhaus – Journal of Experimental Botany, 2015

In general, plant peptides can be categorized into two classes: secreted peptides and

non-secreted peptides. Secreted peptides can be further divided into two major classes:

cysteine-rich peptides (CRPs) and non-CRPs (NCRPs). CRPs are significantly larger peptides.


[HTML] Overexpression of the Arabidopsis thaliana signalling peptide TAXIMIN1 affects lateral organ development

J Colling, T Tohge, R De Clercq, G Brunoud, T Vernoux… – Journal of Experimental …, 2015

Two distinct classes of secreted peptides can be distinguished in plants: small post-translationally

modified peptides such as the CLAVATA3/ENDOSPERM SURROUNDING REGION (CLE) family,

and cysteine-rich peptides (CRPs), exemplified by the EPIDERMAL



H Tabuteau – US Patent 20,150,157,582, 2015

In some embodiments, a combination of dextromethorphan and an antidepressant, such as

bupropion, may be administered to relieve complex regional pain syndrome, such as complex

regional pain syndrome type I (CRPS-I), complex regional pain syndrome type 11 (CRPS-II



H Tabuteau – US Patent 20,150,157,564, 2015

embodiments, an osteoclast inhibitor, such as a nitrogen-containing bisphosphonate, eg

zoledronic acid, ibandronic acid or minodronic acid, may be administered to relieve complex

regional pain syndrome, such as complex regional pain syndrome type I (CRPS-I), complex




The Use of Polysymptomatic Distress Categories in the Evaluation of Fibromyalgia (FM) and FM Severity

F Wolfe, BT Walitt, JJ Rasker, RS Katz, W Häuser – The Journal of Rheumatology, 2015

Objective The polysymptomatic distress (PSD) scale is derived from variables used in the

2010 American College of Rheumatology (ACR) fibromyalgia (FM) criteria modified for

survey and clinical research. The scale is useful in measuring the effect of PSD over the


Association of different levels of depressive symptoms with symptomatology, overall disease severity, and quality of life in women with fibromyalgia

A Soriano-Maldonado, K Amris, FB Ortega… – Quality of Life Research, 2015

Purpose This study examined the associations of different levels of depression with pain,

sleep quality, fatigue, functional exercise capacity, overall fibromyalgia (FM) severity, and

health-related quality of life (HRQoL) in women with FM. Methods A total of 451 women


Fibromyalgia: Clinical Guidelines and Treatments

E Lawson, M Wallace – 2015


Major Classes of Medication for Treatment of Fibromyalgia

AM Kelly, K Mauer – Fibromyalgia: Clinical Guidelines and Treatments, 2015


Implications of proposed fibromyalgia criteria across other functional pain syndromes

N Egloff, R von Känel, V Müller, UT Egle… – Scandinavian Journal of …, 2015

Objectives: In 2010, the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) proposed new criteria for

the diagnosis of fibromyalgia (FM) in the context of objections to components of the criteria of

1990. The new criteria consider the Widespread Pain Index (WPI) and the Symptom


Omar I. Halawa and David A. Edwards

DA Edwards – Fibromyalgia: Clinical Guidelines and Treatments, 2015


Psychophysiological Methods

RH McAllister-Williams – Encyclopedia of Psychopharmacology, 2015

potential. Tramadol reduces pain substantially in osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia

(Bennett et al. 2003). Methadone below). There is evidence of a mild degree of benefit

in low back pain, fibromyalgia, and headaches. Anticonvulsant


PTSD and Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Focus on Prevalence, Mechanisms, and Impact

W Häusera, J Ablinb, B Walittc – 2015

Abstract The association between fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) and posttraumatic stress

disorder (PTSD) is of growing interest in psychosocial research. The mechanisms by which

both disorders are interconnected are not well understood. The article presents an


Conditioned Pain Modulation: Neurophysiological, Cognitive, And Pharmacological Aspects

RR Nir, D Yarnitsky – Topics in Pain Management, 2015

The relevance of modulatory pain mechanisms in the clinical arena is represented through

cumulative research reporting impaired pain inhibition associated with pain disorders, particularly

fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, tension-type headache


Ryan D. McConn and Magdalena Anitescu

RD McConn – Fibromyalgia: Clinical Guidelines and Treatments, 2015


[HTML] Another dimension of pain

TH Khan – Anaesth Pain & Intensive Care, 2015

Pain Manag Nurs. 2013 Dec;14(4):368-78. [PubMed] doi: 10.1016/j.pmn.2011.08.001. Menzies

V, Taylor AG, Bourguignon C. Effects of guided imagery on outcomes of pain, functional status,

and self-efficacy in persons diagnosed with fibromyalgia. J Altern Complement Med.


[HTML] Pattern of irritable bowel syndrome and its impact on quality of life: A tertiary hospital based study from Kolkata on newly diagnosed patients of irritable bowel …

U Sinharoy, K Sinharoy, P Mukhopadhyay… – CHRISMED Journal of …, 2015

[6],[7],[8],[9] IBS can coexist with other functional disorders, most notably fibromyalgia, chronic

fatigue syndrome 10. 11. Aaron LA, Burke MM, Buchwald D. Overlapping conditions among

patients with chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and temporomandibular disorder.


[PDF] Disability Status, Disability Type, and Training as Predictors of Job Placement

J Stahl – 2015

Deafness Hearing, Communicating Deafness Neurological Memory, Speaking TBI, Multiple

Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia Developmental Reading, Writing, Speaking Autism, Williams Syndrome

Mental Neurological Memory, Speaking TBI, Multiple Sclerosis, Fibromyalgia


[HTML] Pilates for Fibromyalgia

DPT Tom Lavosky, C MDT

By Gabrielle Shirer As originally seen in the Fall 2006 edition of the Pilates Coreterly

According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) is an

increasingly recognized chronic pain illness characterized by widespread


New study by guidelines author dismisses risk of chronic Lyme disease

D Cameron

In addition, these patients were not more prone to developing fibromyalgia and/or chronic fatigue,

according to two additional papers by Dr. Wormser. [1]. And previous studies report there’s a

high risk of developing fibromyalgia after having Lyme disease.


[HTML] Evolution of Skin Temperature after the Application of Compressive Forces on Tendon, Muscle and Myofascial Trigger Point

MF Magalhães, AV Dibai-Filho, EC de Oliveira Guirro… – PLOS ONE, 2015

of musculoskeletal, tendon or nervous injuries in the upper limb, history of fracture in the upper

limb, use of painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs or muscle relaxants during the previous week,

presence of systemic or neuromuscular diseases, and medical diagnosis of fibromyalgia


[HTML] Rejuvenate With Stem Cells

R Schilling – 2015

literature. This combination (laser activated, intravenous mesenchymal injection) has

the potential for being useful for a multitude of chronic illnesses like fibromyalgia,

MS, generalized arthritis, just to mention a few. Mesenchymal


[PDF] Regenerative Injection Treatment in the Spine: Review and Case Series with Platelet Rich Plasma. J Stem Cells Res

D Aufiero, H Vincent, S Sampson, M Bodor – Rev & Rep, 2015

Positive results for Prolotherapy have been published for a variety of conditions including lateral

epicondylosis [21], osteoarthritis [22], sacroiliac joint pain [23], chondromalacia patellae [24],

fibromyalgia [25], chronic groin pain [26] and Osgood-Schlatter disease [27].



M Holman – 2015

Page 14. Effect of US and Graston on Muscle Contraction 11 plantar fasciitis,

patellofemoral disorders, fibromyalgia, scar tissue, and trigger finger. 13 The Graston

Technique allows for controlled application of friction massage to the


[HTML] Blueg rass Doctors of Physical Therapy, PLLC Physical Therapy Care Provider in the Louisville, Kentucky We provide EXPERT CARE for YOUR Health!

N Patient, C Forms

There are many symptoms that can lead the person with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS)

and/or chronic myofascial pain (CMP) to your office. Research indicates that fibromyalgia

may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease (Curtis, O’Keefe Jr 2002).