Workmans Compensation Treatments

Workmans Compensation Treatments

Workmans Compensation


Dr. Ashraf Hanna

Board Certified Workers Compensation and Personal Injury Doctor

If you have been injured at work or in an auto accident, Dr. Hanna provides EXPERT pain management treatment.

As an industrial medicine and personal injury practice, Dr. Hanna not only treats state injured workers and accident victims, but also federal injured workers. Patients are seen from Florida as well as Washington state..

Dr. Hanna specializes in:

OWCP ratings are complicated, and Dr. Hanna specializes in federal injured worker ratings for postal workers, border patrol and FBI agents; essentially any government employee injured on the job. The staff and doctors at Dr. Hanna care about your physical and emotional well being. With our friendly staff and Board Certified Doctors who are experts in injured workers and personal injury victims, you will be in good hands.

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