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Scientific breakthroughs happen every day!  In an effort to help our patients stay up to speed on the most cutting edge treatment options available for them, our scientists monitor current research and publish weekly research updates.  The title of each article below is a link to the full study report.  If you’d like to make an appointment with Dr. Hanna to discuss your treatment options, please contact us.




Ketamine-A Narrative Review of Its Uses in Medicine.

BM Radvansky, S Puri, AN Sifonios, JD Eloy, V Le – American Journal of Therapeutics, 2015

One of the most fascinating drugs in the anesthesiologist’s armament is ketamine, an N-

methyl-D-aspartate receptor antagonist with a myriad of uses. The drug is a dissociative

anesthetic and has been used more often as an analgesic in numerous hospital units,


Acute administration of ketamine inhibited stress induced pro-inflammatory cytokines in hippocampus of rats

G Unal, G Terzioglu, C Sahin, GY Demirel, F Aricioglu – Bulletin of Clinical …, 2015

Objective: Major depression is a complex and devastating disease which one-third of

patients still do not respond to current treatments. It has been demonstrated that there is a

correlation between high levels of plasma cytokines such as IL-1β, IL-6, IL-18 and TNF-α


The Efficacy and Safety of Procedural Sedoanalgesia with Midazolam and Ketamine in Pediatric Hematology.

GS Aylan, N Sarper, U Demirsoy, E Zengin, E Çakmak – Turkish journal of …, 2015

OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study is to investigate the efficacy and safety of sedoanalgesia

performed outside the operating room by pediatricians trained in advanced airway

management and life support. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Midazolam and ketamine …


[HTML] Alpha-lipoic acid alone and combined with clozapine reverses schizophrenia-like symptoms induced by ketamine in mice: Participation of antioxidant, nitrergic and …

GS Vasconcelos, NC Ximenes, CNS de Sousa… – Schizophrenia Research, 2015

Abstract Oxidative stress has important implications in schizophrenia. Alpha-lipoic acid

(ALA) is a natural antioxidant synthesized in human tissues with clinical uses. We studied

the effect of ALA or clozapine (CLZ) alone or in combination in the reversal of


Low Dose Ketamine Infusion For Managing Acute Pain

M Yetim, S Tekindur, Y Emrah Eyi – The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, 2015

Dear Editor, We read with great interest the article “Short (low-dose) ketamine infusion for

managing acute pain in the ED: case-report series” written by Goltser et al (1). We believe

that this original study provides a new and insightful approach to pain management in


[PDF] Symptomatic remission and hippocampus volume in schizophrenia

PT Chang, JF Lirng, YH Chou – Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2015

1):S146-S7 [Abstract:0577] Neuroimaging in psychiatry Alterations in resting state electrocortical

network oscillations, schizophrenia-like symptoms and their relationships induced with the

administration of the NMDA receptor antagonist ketamine in human volunteers


G535 (P) The development and implementation of a policy promoting parental (patient) involvement in escalation of clinical care

MA Webster, C Haines, J Fraser – Archives of Disease in Childhood, 2015

www.midstaffspublicinquiry.com/report (accessed 28 Nov 2014) G536(P) THE CHALLENGES


LESSONS AND EFFECTING CHANGE 1E Dewhirst, 1C Whitehouse, 2T Waterfield.


[PDF] Eyes tell the psychopathology: preliminary findings

H Balibey, C Basoglu, A Ates, A Algul, R Tutuncu… – Bulletin of Clinical …, 2015

On the other hand, the behavioral and pharmacological effects of the noncompetitive

N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor antagonist ketamine have been used to study

important aspects of psychotomimetic action in humans.


Adjunctive Use of Ceftriaxone and Sodium Valproate in the Management of Tetanus: A Case Report and Literature Review

S Oriaifo, N Oriaifo, M Oriaifo, E Okogbenin, E Omogbai – Journal of Biology, …, 2015

immune globulin. Control of spasms was mainly by the use of the GABAergic-

enhancing drugs diazepam and sodium valproate combined with the use of the

anti-excitotoxics magnesium sulphate and ketamine. The introduction


PyBidine–NiCl2-Catalyzed Asymmetric Addition of Alcohols and Peroxides to Isatin-Derived Ketimines

T Arai, K Tsuchiya, E Matsumura – Organic Letters, 2015

adduct (27%, 80% ee). The formation of the chiral N,O-acetal inspired us to optimize

the reaction conditions for the addition of methanol to an isatin-derived

N-Boc-ketamine (1a), as shown in Table 1. Table 1. Optimization of


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)


Radiofrequency Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation: Trends in Patients, Clinical Outcomes, and Resources Among Medicare Beneficiaries from Fiscal Year 2010 to Fiscal …

MR Reynolds, AD Kugelmass, DJ Cohen, PP Brown… – … : Cardiovascular Quality and …, 2015

Abstract Introduction: The objective of this analysis was to report four year trends among

Medicare beneficiaries (MB) undergoing Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) to treat Atrial

Fibrillation (AF). Methods: This retrospective study examined both the Medicare Provider


Systematic review and meta-analysis of perinatal outcomes following radiofrequency ablation and bipolar cord occlusion in monochorionic pregnancies

K Gaerty, RM Greer, S Kumar – American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, 2015

Objective The aim of this study was to analyse perinatal outcomes following selective

reduction in monochorionic pregnancies using either radiofrequency ablation (RFA) or

bipolar cord occlusion (BCO). Study Design This was a systematic review and meta-


Sublobar Resection, Radiofrequency Ablation or Radiotherapy in Stage I Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

S Safi, G Rauch, J Kunz, T Schneider, M Bischof… – Respiration, 2015

Background: The best therapy for patients with stage I non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC)

who are medically unfit for lobectomy or prefer not to undergo surgery has not yet been

demonstrated. Objectives: We analyzed data from our prospective database to evaluate


The efficacy of radio-frequency ablation for metastatic lung or liver tumors of male germ cell tumors as an alternative minimally invasive therapy after salvage …

Y Naya, T Nakamura, M Oishi, T Ueda, H Nakanishi… – International Journal of …, 2015

Okuma et al. [14] reported that tumors under 20 mm in size can be completely ablated in lung

tumor. Cancer 3:1409–1419 7. Curley SA, Izzo F, Delrio P et al (1999) Radiofrequency ablation

of unresectable primary and metastatic hepatic malignancies. Results in 123 patients.


Metastastectomy for metachronous pulmonary and hepatic metastases from nasopharyngeal carcinoma: Report of 6 cases and review of the literature

SJM Lim, NG Iyer, LL Ooi, HN Koong, A Chung, HK Tan… – Head & Neck, 2015

not prevent disease progression in the long term. Surgery and radiofrequency ablation have ten

patients who underwent radiofrequency ablation +/- adjuvant chemotherapy had a median survival

period of 77.1 months compared to 32.4 months in another ten patients who only


[HTML] Lobulated Enhancement Evaluation in the Follow-Up of Liver Metastases Treated by Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy

H Jarraya, P Borde, X Mirabel, O Ernst, T Boulanger… – International Journal of …, 2015

have limitations for the evaluation of targeted therapies; for example, imatinib for gastrointestinal

stromal tumors (GIST) and bevacizumab for colorectal liver metastasis 8, 9 and 10 or other local

treatments, such as lung tumor SBRT (11), liver radiofrequency ablation (12), and


Percutaneous microwave ablation of thyroid nodules: effects on thyroid function and antibodies

K Heck, C Happel, F Grünwald, H Korkusuz – International Journal of Hyperthermia, 2015

The results demonstrated that in all 30 sessions the complete volume of the 34

nodules could be ablated. The treatment al. Radiofrequency ablation of benign thyroid

nodules: Safety and imaging follow-up in 236 patients. Eur


Current state of the treatment of perforating veins

ED Dillavou, M Harlander-Locke, N Labropoulos… – Journal of Vascular Surgery: …, 2015

Table II. Technical success of radiofrequency ablation (RFA), endovenous laser ablation (EVLA),

and ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy (UGFS). Primary author (year), Perforator treatment

modality, No. 14, 15, 18 and 26. Radiofrequency ablation (RFA).


Irreversible Electroporation of the Pancreas Is Feasible and Safe in a Porcine Survival Model.

S Fritz, CM Sommer, D Vollherbst, MF Wachter… – Pancreas, 2015

From a histopathological point of view, the ablated area was character- ized by cellular eosinophila

The ability of IRE to ablate undesirable tissue near large blood vessels and damageable of the

electric field to which the tissue is exposed.13 Radiofrequency ablation has been


An Analysis of Patients Transferred to a Tertiary Oncological Intensive Care Unit for Defined Procedures

S Kamat, S Chawla, P Rajendram, SM Pastores… – American Journal of Critical …, 2015

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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD)


Two Virtual Reality Pilot Studies for the Treatment of Pediatric CRPS

AS Won, CA Tataru, CM Cojocaru, EJ Krane… – Pain Medicine, 2015

Letter to the Editor. Two Virtual Reality Pilot Studies for the Treatment of Pediatric CRPS. How

to Cite. Won, AS, Tataru, CA, Cojocaru, CM, Krane, EJ, Bailenson, JN, Niswonger, S. and Golianu,

B. (2015), Two Virtual Reality Pilot Studies for the Treatment of Pediatric CRPS.


A dynamic PUF anti-aging authentication system based on restrict race code

B Li, S Chen – Science China Information Sciences, 2015

Based on the CRP mechanism, the PUF circuit can produce chip-unique responses when

challenges are applied to it and stored in the database by the way of CRPs. (2) Authentication.

The expected data in the database are called CRPs in paper.


Increased prevalence of two mitochondrial DNA polymorphisms in functional disease: Are we describing different parts of an energy-depleted elephant?

RG Boles, EA Zaki, JR Kerr, K Das, S Biswas… – Mitochondrion, 2015

Herein, we tested for these variants in chronic fatigue, CRPS, SIDS and depression. CVS = cyclic

vomiting syndrome, Fxn abd pain = functional abdominal pain (a common pediatric functional

syndrome), IBS = irritable bowel syndrome, CRPS = complex regional pain syndrome.


[HTML] TURAN and EVAN Mediate Pollen Tube Reception in Arabidopsis Synergids through Protein Glycosylation

H Lindner, SA Kessler, LM Müller, H Shimosato-Asano… – 2015

Abbreviations:: ConA, Concanavalin A; CRPs, cysteine-rich polypeptides; CrRLK1L, Catharanthus

roseus receptor-like kinase 1-like subfamily; DAE, days after emasculation; DAP, days after

pollination; DAPI, 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole; DEFL, defensin-like protein; Dol-P


Facilitated spinal neuropeptide signaling and upregulated inflammatory mediator expression contribute to post-fracture nociceptive sensitization.

X Shi, T Guo, T Wei, W Li, DJ Clark, WS Kingery – PAIN, 2015

neuropeptide-dependent nociceptive and inflammatory changes in the hindlimbs of rats similar

to those seen in complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Inflammatory changes inflammatory

mediators contributing to nociceptive sensitization in a rodent fracture model of CRPS.


Ketamine-A Narrative Review of Its Uses in Medicine.

BM Radvansky, S Puri, AN Sifonios, JD Eloy, V Le – American Journal of Therapeutics, 2015

pain clinics, and in the prehospital realm. It has been used to treat postoperative pain, chronic

pain, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), phantom limb pain (PLP), and other neuropathic

conditions requiring anal- gesia. CRPS has remained a difficult-to-treat entity.


Trends in Coronary Revascularization Procedures among Medicare Beneficiaries between Fiscal Years 2010 and 2013

A Kugelmass, MR Reynolds, DJ Cohen, PP Brown… – … : Cardiovascular Quality and …, 2015

Mortality rates were highest and increasing for MBs presenting with STEMI across all procedures.

Conclusions: The overall volume of CRPs among MBs is declining and more MBs are presenting

with an AMI, and overall mortality rates are increasing year over year.



N Kriek, J Groeneweg, D Stronks, F Huygen

N. Kriek, J. Groeneweg, D. Stronks, F. Huygen Center for pain management, Erasmus MC,

Rotterdam, The Netherlands Objectives: Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is an effective invasive

therapy to treat neuropathic pain states including complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS).


[HTML] Diagnostic value of C-reactive protein to rule out infectious complications after major abdominal surgery: a systematic review and meta-analysis

SL Gans, JJ Atema, S van Dieren, BG Koerkamp… – International Journal of …, 2015

The posttest odds were calculated by multiplying the pretest odds with the positive and

negative LR. Posttest probabilities for a high and a low CRPs were calculated and presented

in a graph for pretest probabilities across the range of 0 to 100 %.


[HTML] World congress comes to you 7: Yes we can (control chronic pain)

V Bellan

If you want more information on CRPS you might find what we know about CRPS helpful as

well as these resources by the Royal College of Physicians. You can also read recent research

published by the team and browse through our CRPS blog articles.




Factors Associated With Time to Diagnosis in Fibromyalgia

G Chodick, D Weitzman, Y Bar-On, V Shalev, H Amital – Journal of Patient-Centered …, 2015

Background/Aims: The diagnosis of fibromyalgia, a chronic debilitating disorder, is

complicated and affected by various factors of the patient and the caregiver. The objectives

of this study were to investigate the time passing from initial complaints to diagnosis and to


[PDF] Central Sensitization Syndrome and the Initial Evaluation of a Patient with Fibromyalgia: A Review

KC Fleming, MM Volcheck – Rambam Maimonides Med J, 2015

ABSTRACT In both primary care and consultative practices, patients presenting with

fibromyalgia (FM) often have other medically unexplained somatic symptoms and are

ultimately diagnosed as having central sensitization (CS). Central sensitization


Does low bone density influence symptoms and functional status in patients with fibromyalgia? Observations from rural South India

AS Babu, FM Ikbal, MS Noone, AN Joseph, D Danda – International Journal of …, 2015

Results Low BMD was seen in 81.6%(129/158) of the persons screened. FMS was seen in

37/158 persons, of which 31/37 (83.7%) had low BMD. Conclusion FMS with low bone

density leads to higher levels of pain and a poorer QoL compared to those without FMS.


[PDF] Walking as physical exercise in Fibromyalgia: An elicitation study from the Theory of Planned Behavior

MÁ Pastor, S López-Roig, Y Sanz, C Peñacoba – anales de psicología, 2015

Abstract: This study is the first phase of the formative research recommended in the Theory

of Planned Behavior for the development of an intervention. Our aims are to identify modal

beliefs about the performance of an exercise pattern in people with fibromyalgia, to test


… advances in spinal cord and brainstem fMRI provide an unprecedented view of human pain processing and alterations to pain mechanisms in fibromyalgia

R Bosma – 2015

Abstract: Functional MRI of the human spinal cord and brainstem has tremendous potential

to enhance our basic understanding of healthy subcortical function, and impact our ability to

accurately diagnose and treat injury and disease. Despite this potential, there are many


Understanding High Blood Pressure

S Aziz – 2015


Overcoming Low Self-Esteem with Mindfulness

D Ward – 2015


[HTML] Efficacy and processes of change in acceptance and commitment therapy for chronic pain

M Kemani – 2015

The first trial utilized a wait-list control condition and included women with fibromyalgia (Study

I). Assessments were done pre- and post-treatment and at 3-month follow-up. Acceptance and

commitment therapy for fibromyalgia: A randomized controlled trial.


[PDF] Evaluation of psychiatry consultations requested for inpatients in a university hospital

H Mayda, HI Guzel, Y Gorucu, E Bagcioglu – Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2015

[Abstract:0282] Psychosomatic disorders Metacognitive evaluation in patients with fibromyalgia

syndrome In this study, we tested the assumption that patients with Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS)

experience more metacognitive thoughts compared to healthy individuals.


[PDF] Investigation of state and trait anxiety levels among pharmacy students in TRNC

YH Balcıoglu, E Duran – Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2015

Bulletin of Clinical Psychopharmacology 2015;25(Suppl. 1):S93-S4 [Abstract:0452] Anxiety,

stress, and adjustment disorders Angiotensin-converting enzyme and

methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene variations in fibromyalgia syndrome