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Concomitant Benzodiazepine Use Attenuates Ketamine Response: Implications for Large Scale Study Design and Clinical Development.

MA Frye, P Blier, SJ Tye – Journal of Clinical Psychopharmacology, 2015

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Clinical effects of a constant rate infusion of remifentanil, alone or in combination with ketamine, in cats anesthetized with isoflurane

PVM Steagall, M Aucoin, BP Monteiro, M Moreau… – Journal of the American …, 2015

Clinical effects of a constant rate infusion of remifentanil, alone or in combination with ketamine,

in cats anesthetized with isoflurane. The ketamine or saline solution bolus was administered

over 5 seconds, and the CRIs were started immediately afterward.


Asymmetric synthesis of (S)-and (R)-norketamine via Sharpless asymmetric dihydroxylation/Ritter amination sequence

M Biermann, G Zheng, M Hojahmat, NV Moskalev… – Tetrahedron Letters, 2015

Ketamine is a dissociative anesthetic drug marketed as Kenanest ® , Ketaset ® ,

and Ketalar ® . In addition, ketamine has been shown in clinical studies to have

long-lasting antidepressant effects with a rapid onset of action.


Possible role of afferent autonomic signals in abdominal organs in anorexic and cardiovascular responses to nicotine injection in rats.

S Yagi, M Tanida, J Satomi – NeuroReport, 2015

To measure BP in conscious rats, each rat was anesthe- tized with an intraperitoneal

injection of a mixture of ketamine (91 mg/kg body weight) and xylazine (9.1 mg/kg body

weight) and two catheters were inserted (femoral vein and artery).


[PDF] Stepwise tapering of remifentanil at the end of surgery decreased postoperative pain and the need of rescue analgesics after thyroidectomy

SS Han, SH Do, TH Kim, WJ Choi, JS Yun, JH Ryu – BMC Anesthesiology, 2015

Previous investigation of patients undergoing major abdominal surgery suggested hyperalgesia

after high dose remifentanil and preventive effect of ketamine for opioid-induced hyperalgesia

[3]. Patients with intraoperative high-dose remifentanil (0.4 μg/kg/min) showed larger


[HTML] The dexmedetomidine” augmented” sedato analgesic cocktail: An effective approach for sedation in prolonged endoscopic retrograde cholangio-pancreatography

S Mukhopadhyay, M Niyogi, J Sarkar… – Journal of Anaesthesiology …, 2015

Group 1 received propofol and midazolam, Group 2 received the sedato-analgesic cocktail

containing ketamine-propofol-midazolam-pentazocine, and the Group 3 received sedate-analgesic

cocktail plus dexmedetomidine infusion under monitoring of vital parameters and


Convergence of lemniscal and local excitatory inputs on large gabaergic tectothalamic neurons

T Ito, H Hioki, J Sohn, S Okamoto, T Kaneko, S Iino… – Journal of Comparative …, 2015

Viral injections. Rats were anesthetized with a ketamine & xylazine mixture (97.6 mg/kg & 2.4

mg/kg, im). rats were re-anesthetized with a ketamine & xylazine mixture and perfused

transcardially with 4% paraformaldehyde in 0.1 M phosphate buffer (pH 7.4).


CURRENT OPINION Postcaesarean section analgesia: are opioids still required?

AMJV Schyns-van den Berg, A Huisjes, RJ Stolker – Curr Opin Anesthesiol, 2015

Ketamine Ketamine, an anaesthetic that also acts as a N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA)

receptor antagonist, has shown significance in reducing opioid use in subanaesthetic

doses with minimal side-effects [31]. Furthermore, ketamine


Advances in Exotic Mammal Clinical Therapeutics

MG Hawkins – Veterinary Clinics of North America: Exotic Animal …, 2015

For example, patients can be premedicated with an opioid medication and a tranquilizer to

modulate pain and stress, ketamine used as a part of the induction protocol can reduce excitement,

local anesthetic blocks can be added to inhibit pain transmission, and nonsteroidal anti


The interactive effects of Ketamine and Magnesium on Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and depressive-like behavior (P4. 080)

S Razmjou, D Litteljohn, S Hayley – Neurology, 2015

Objective: To evaluate the potential synergistic effect of ketmaine and magnesium treatment

on prefrontal cortex (PFC) and hippocampal BDNF expression and depressive-like behavior

in mice model. Background: Ketamine, an NMDA receptor antagonist with neuroplastic


Ketamine modulates TRH and TRH-like peptide turnover in brain and peripheral tissues of male rats

AE Pekary, A Sattin, RL Lloyd – Peptides, 2015

Abstract Major depression is the largest single healthcare burden with treatments of slow

onset and often limited efficacy. Ketamine, a NMDA antagonist used extensively as a

pediatric and veterinary anesthetic, has recently been shown to be a rapid acting


[PDF] A Label-Free Immunosensor for Ultrasensitive Detection of Ketamine Based on Quartz Crystal Microbalance

Y Yang, Y Tu, X Wang, J Pan, Y Ding – Sensors, 2015

Abstract: In this study, we have developed a label-free immunosensor with the variation of

resonance frequency (Δf) of a quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) as readout signal for

ultrasensitive detection of Ketamine (KT). An optimized strategy for immobilization of KT


[HTML] Coupling in the cortico-basal ganglia circuit Is aberrant in the ketamine model of schizophrenia

I Cordon, MJ Nicolás, S Arrieta, E Lopetegui… – European …, 2015

Abstract Recent studies have suggested the implication of the basal ganglia in the

pathogenesis of schizophrenia. To investigate this hypothesis, here we have used the

ketamine model of schizophrenia to determine the oscillatory abnormalities induced in the


Methoxetamine: An early report on the motivations for use, effect profile and prevalence of use in a UK clubbing sample

AR Winstock, W Lawn, P Deluca, R Borschmann – Drug and Alcohol Review, 2015

Keywords: novel psychoactive substance; methoxetamine; ketamine; monitoring system.

Prevalence of lifetime, last year and last month use, sourcing of the drugs, motivations for use,

and subjective effect and risk profile compared with that of ketamine were measured. Results.


[PDF] Ketofol for Procedural Sedation and Analgesia in Children with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

AA Ibrahim Ahmed, G Mohamed Fathy… – J Anesth Clin Res, 2015

Objectives: The aim of this work is to study the effects, adverse effects and recovery time of IV

mixed propofol and ketamine (ketofol) in 3:1 ratio as a sedative analgesic in children with acute

lymphoblastic leukemia undergoing bone marrow aspiration Methods: This was a


Mechanisms of Drug Interaction

AM Manrique-Espinel, EA Sullivan, PK Sikka – Basic Clinical Anesthesia, 2015


Circadian Control of the Female Reproductive Axis Through Gated Responsiveness of the RFRP-3 System to VIP Signaling

KA Russo, JL La, SBZ Stephens, MC Poling… – Endocrinology, 2015

St. Louis, MO) using a ketamine cocktail (21 mg ketamine, 2.4 mg xylazine, and 0.3

mg acepromazine per ml injected ip at a dose of 0.25 ml per 100 g body mass) with

buprenorphrine for pre- and postoperative analgesia. This


Cardioprotection by H2S engages a cGMP-dependent protein kinase G/phospholamban pathway

SI Bibli, I Andreadou, A Chatziananstasiou, C Tzimas… – Cardiovascular Research, 2015

Murine in Vivo Model of Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury The mice were anesthetized by

intraperitoneal injection (0.01 mL/g) with a combination of ketamine, xylazine and atropine (final

concentrations of ketamine, xylazine and atropine 100 mg/kg, 20 mg/kg and 0.6


[HTML] Anaesthetic management for drainage of frontoparietal abscess in a patient of uncorrected Tetralogy of Fallot

AS Wajekar, AN Shetty, SP Oak, RA Jain – Indian Journal of Anaesthesia, 2015

Hyperventilation without PEEP helps to decrease PVR. Ketamine for induction is avoided

for neurosurgery. [8] Combination of dexmedetomidine and ketamine has been used in two

patients of uncorrected TOF for surgeries under general anaesthesia.


Antipsychotic activity of standardized Bacopa extract against ketamine-induced experimental psychosis in mice: Evidence for the involvement of dopaminergic, …

M Chatterjee, R Verma, R Kumari, S Singh, AK Verma… – Pharmaceutical biology, 2015

Abstract Context: Schizophrenia is a chronic disabling psychiatric disorder affecting 1% of

the population worldwide. Due to the adverse effects of available antipsychotic medications,

recent investigations have focused on the search for well-tolerated, safe molecules from


Autotransplantation for the management of ketamine ureteritis

NTJ Raison, T O’Brien, D Game, J Olsburgh – BMJ Case Reports, 2015

Summary Ketamine-associated cystitis is a well-recognised syndrome; yet upper urinary

tract involvement remains poorly understood. We present the case of a 33-year-old man who

developed ketamine-associated cystitis and ureteritis. The patient’s severe bladder


… magnetic solid-phase microextraction based on oxide multi-walled carbon-nanotube for the determination of methylamphetamine and ketamine in human urine and …

S Zhang, Y Cui, J Sun, Y Xi, C Zhang, J Tang – Analytical Methods, 2015

A sensitive and rapid magnetic solid-phase microextraction (MSPE) procedure based on

multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWNTs), combined with gas chromatography-mass

spectrometry (GC-MS), was developed for the quantification of two illegal basic drugs of


[PDF] Dexmedetomedine-Ketamine versus Propofol-Ketamine as anaesthetic agents in paediatric cardiac catheterization

NP Ali, M Kanchi, S Singh, A Prasad, N Kanase – Journal of Armed Forces Medical …, 2015

Abstract Introduction: Anaesthesia for these patients undergoing for interventional

procedures in paediatric patients with congenital cardiac anomalies remains a challenge for

the anaesthesiologist. There are no specific techniques to follow and anaesthetic


Gonadal hormones do not alter the development of antinociceptive tolerance to delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol in adult rats

AA Wakley, JL Wiley, RM Craft – Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior, 2015

Louis, MO) were injected sc; 15 min later, rats were anesthetized with ketamine plus xylazine

ip (90 mg/kg ketamine + 10 mg/kg xylazine in females, 100 mg/kg ketamine + 10 mg/kg xylazine

in males; Patterson Veterinary Supply Inc., Kansas City, MO).


[PDF] Topical and Intranasal Analgesic Therapy in a Woman with Refractory Postherpetic Neuralgia

KC Hohmeier, LM Almon – Case Reports in Medicine, 2015

The patient-specific, stepped approach resulted in clinically significant decreases in pain on visual

analog scale (VAS), with the use of intranasal ketamine 10% solution and topical gabapentin

6%, ketoprofen 10%, lidocaine 5%, and ketamine 10% cream. 1. Introduction.


Prehospital Pain and Analgesic Therapy in Elderly Patients with Hip Fractures

L Oberkircher, N Schubert, DA Eschbach, C Bliemel… – Pain Practice, 2015

Ketamine was used 5 times. Esketamine was preferred (N = 4, 2.6%, mean dosage = 27, SD =

23), but one patient did receive racemic ketamine (0.7%, dosage = 50). Ibuprofen, 1 (0.7), 800 (–),

98 (–), 3 (–), 60 (–). Ketamine, 1 (0.7), 50 (–), 62 (–), 3 (–), 104 (–). Sum, 43 (25)a,


[HTML] Cochlear NMDA Receptors as a Therapeutic Target of Noise-Induced Tinnitus

D Bing, SC Lee, D Campanelli, H Xiong, M Matsumoto… – Cellular Physiology and …, 2015

Since NMDA receptor antagonists, when systemically given, tend to have a number of negative

central nervous system side effects such as hallucinations or anesthesia (for which eg Ketamine

was originally developed), their clinical potential has been limited.


[PDF] Two-Stage Nerve Graft in Severe Scar: A Time-Course Study in a Rat Model

SA Zadegan, M Firouzi, MH Nabian, LO Zanjani… – The Archives of Bone and …, 2015

Surgical procedures An intraperitoneal (IP) injection of ketamine (100 mg/ kg ketamine

hydrochloride, Rotexmedica, Germany) was used to induce anesthesia. Anesthesia was induced

with ketamine (100mg/kg, IP, ketamine hydrochloride, Rotexmedica, Germany).


Quantifying progression and regression of thrombotic risk in experimental atherosclerosis

RU Palekar, AP Jallouk, MJ Goette, J Chen… – The FASEB Journal, 2015

Following 2 hours of in vivo NP circulation, mice were anes- thetized with a cocktail of ketamine

and xylazine (87 mg/kg and 37 mg/kg, respectively) and subjected to photochemical injury

of the carotid artery (13–15) to determine time to vessel occlusion.


Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA)


Irreversible electroporation of malignant lesions: An institution experience

BJ Bates, M Hellan, S Kauffman, J Ouellette – Journal of Solid Tumors, 2015

malignant. Three cases involved margin accentuation prior to resection. One treated

the IVC margin of a radiofrequency ablation site. Twenty-four procedures attempted

complete ablation. Lesions ranged from 1.0 cm to 6.0 cm.


[PDF] Clinical outcomes of patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma treated with sorafenib: a retrospective study of routine clinical practice in multi-institutions

SH Lee, IH Song, R Noh, HY Kang, SB Kim, SY Ko… – 2015

outcomes are generally poor [1,2]. Although potentially curable at an early stage, only 30-40%

of patients with HCC at the time of diagnosis are eligible for curative treatments such as liver

transplantation, tumor resection, or percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA), and the


[HTML] Trichoepithelioma and Spiradenoma Collision Tumor

AF Marsch, JB Shackelton, DM Elston – Am J Orthop, 2015

Head Neck Pathol. 2014;8:88-109. « Back To: Landing. Did you miss this content? Cutaneous

Burn Caused by Radiofrequency Ablation Probe During Shoulder Arthroscopy. > more

Soft-Tissue articles. More From The American Journal of Orthopedics


Interventional CMR: Clinical Applications and Future Directions

T Rogers, RJ Lederman – Current Cardiology Reports, 2015

Conductive wires can resonate and heat during radiofrequency excitation for MRI [42], which

is a potential challenge for both passive and active devices and is determined by the total length

of If gaps in ablation lines can be visualized, then they can be ablated [67, 68


[PDF] Effect of liver transplantation in combined hepatocellular and cholangiocellular carcinoma: a case series

D Wu, ZY Shen, YM Zhang, J Wang, H Zheng, YL Deng… – BMC Cancer, 2015

liver transplantation [3]. Other methods including local ablation (eg, ethanol injection, microwave

coagulation, and radiofrequency ablation [RFA]) and transcatheter arterial chemoembolization

(TACE) have proved effective only in a small number of cases [6]. Local treatment


[PDF] Radiofrequency electric-field heating behaviors of highly enriched semiconducting and metallic single-walled carbon nanotubes

SJ Corr, M Raoof, BT Cisneros, AW Orbaek… – 2015

Clin Cancer Res 2010, 16, 5712-5721. [5] Glazer, ES; Curley, SA Non-invasive

radiofrequency ablation of malignancies mediated by quantum dots, gold

nanoparticles and carbon nanotubes. Ther Deliv 2011, 2, 1325-1330.


Systems and Methods of Radiometrically Determining a Hot-Spot Temperature of Tissue Being Treated

D Panescu, JV Koblish, JF Mccarthy, RC Allison – US Patent 20,150,105,765, 2015

having to repeat the ablation procedure as such, the clinician may ablate a series to assist the

clinician in determining whether any of those ablated regions are Radiofrequency ablation

techniques have developed a substantial following in the medical community, even though


[PDF] A prognostic classifier for patients with colorectal cancer liver metastasis, based on AURKA, PTGS2 and MMP9

JACM Goos, VMH Coupé, MA van de Wiel, B Diosdado… – Towards molecular imaging …, 2015

with colorectal cancer (CRC) die as a consequence of advanced disease 1. The majority of CRC

metastases localize to the liver and resection of the affected liver tissue, often combined with

radiofrequency ablation (RFA), is the sole curative treatment option 2. Selection of


[HTML] What Is Your Diagnosis? New World Cutaneous Leishmaniasis

C Hennings, K Bloch, J Miller, J Zwerner – Am J Orthop, 2015

The American Journal of Orthopedics is an Index Medicus publication that is valued by orthopedic

surgeons for its peer-reviewed, practice-oriented clinical information. Most articles are written

by specialists at leading teaching institutions and help incorporate the latest technology



JH Johnson, JA Gilbert – US Patent 20,150,105,766, 2015

The present disclosure relates to radiofrequency amplifiers that use phase-shifted full bridge

resonant inverters high radio frequency electrical current to a surgical site to cut, ablate, coagulate

or cycle sinusoidal waveform in cut mode, which is best suited for ablating, fusing and


[HTML] Pulmonary vein orientation assessment: Is it necessary in patients undergoing contact force sensing guided radiofrequency catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation

P Gal, JFW Ooms, JP Ottervanger, JJJ Smit… – IJC Heart & Vasculature, 2015

Purpose We hypothesized pulmonary vein (PV) orientation influences tissue contact of the

contact force (CF) sensing radiofrequency ablation catheter (CFC) and therefore atrial

fibrillation (AF) free survival after pulmonary vein isolation (PVI). The aim of this study was


Switching Bipolar Hepatic Radiofrequency Ablation Using Internally Cooled-wet Electrodes: Comparison with Consecutive Monopolar and Switching Monopolar …

JH Yoon, JM Lee, S Woo, EJ Hwang, I Hwang, W Choi… – The British Journal of …, 2015

Objective: To evaluate whether switching bipolar radiofrequency ablation (SB-RFA) using

three internally cooled-wet (ICW) electrodes can induce coagulations> 5 cm in porcine livers

with better efficiency than consecutive monopolar (CM) or switching monopolar (SM)


One-year follow-up after irrigated multi-electrode radiofrequency ablation of persistent atrial fibrillation

N Pavlović, C Sticherling, S Knecht, T Reichlin, A Mühl… – Europace, 2015

Aims Irrigated multi-electrode ablation (IMEA) is a novel tool to perform pulmonary vein

isolation (PVI). The aim was to compare IMEA with point-by-point radiofrequency (RF)

ablation in patients with persistent atrial fibrillation (AF) undergoing PVI.


Radiofrequency Ablation in the Treatment of Unresectable Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

K Han, HK Ko, KW Kim, HJ Won, YM Shin, PN Kim – Journal of Vascular and …, 2015

Abstract The purpose of this study was to perform a meta-analysis and systematic review of

the clinical efficacy and safety of radiofrequency (RF) ablation in the treatment of intrahepatic

cholangiocarcinoma (ICC). A comprehensive literature search of Ovid MEDLINE and


Safety profile of multielectrode-phased radiofrequency pulmonary vein ablation catheter and irrigated radiofrequency catheter

K Wasmer, P Foraita, P Leitz, F Güner, C Pott… – Europace, 2015

Background Silent cerebral lesions with the multielectrode-phased radiofrequency (RF)

pulmonary vein ablation catheter (PVAC®) have recently been investigated. However,

comparative data on safety in relation to irrigated RF ablation are missing.


Hepatic radiofrequency ablation: in vivo and ex vivo comparison of 15-gauge (G) and 17-G internally cooled electrode

KD Song, MW Lee, HJ Park, DI Cha, TW Kang, J Lee… – The British Journal of …, 2015

Objectives: To compare the performance of the 15-gauge (G) internally cooled electrode

with that of the conventional 17-G internally cooled electrode. Methods: A total of 40 (20 for

each electrode) and 20 ablation zones (ten for each electrode) were made in extracted


[HTML] Suppression of postsurgical recurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma treated with autologous formalin‐fixed tumor vaccine, with special reference to glypican‐3

I Kawashima, Y Kawashima, Y Matsuoka, K Fujise… – Clinical Case Reports, 2015

Once HCC is detected, patients experience repeated recurrence, despite the fact that a variety

of HCC treatment methods have been developed, such as anti-viral agents, surgical treatment,

percutaneous ethanol injection (PEIT), radiofrequency ablation (RFA), trans-catheter


Role of Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Calcium in Development of Secondary Calcium Rise and Early Afterdepolarizations in Long QT Syndrome Rabbit Model.

PC Chang, HT Wo, HL Lee, SF Lin, MS Wen, Y Chu… – PloS one, 2015

Atrioventricular block (AVB) was created by radiofrequency ablation. After baseline studies,

E4031, SR Ca2+ cycling inhibitors (ryanodine plus thapsigargin) and nifedipine were then

administrated subsequently, and the protocols were repeated.


CURRENT OPINION Management of lymphatic malformations in children

N Bagrodia, AM DefnetÃ, JJ Kandel – Curr Opin Pediatr, 2015

Recent findings Current treatment options include nonoperative management, surgery,

sclerotherapy, radiofrequency ablation, and laser therapy. Grimmer JF, Mulliken JB, Burrows PE,

Rahbar R. Radiofrequency ablation of microcystic lymphatic malformation in the oral cavity.


[PDF] Long-term complete response of advanced hepatocellular carcinoma treated with multidisciplinary therapy including reduced dose of sorafenib: case report and …

M Shinoda, N Kishida, O Itano, S Ei, A Ueno, M Kitago… – World Journal of Surgical …, 2015

condition. Thus, transcatheter arterial chemoembolization and radiofrequency

ablation of the tumors were performed. Three months later, residual tumor of the

larger lesion and multiple pulmonary metastases were detected.


Quantitative Analysis of Localized Sources Identified by Focal Impulse and Roter Modulation Mapping in Atrial Fibrillation

P Benharash, E Buch, P Frank, M Share, R Tung… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

Abstract. Background—New approaches to ablation of atrial fibrillation (AF) include

focal impulse and rotor modulation (FIRM) mapping, and initial results reported with

this technique have been favorable. We sought to independently


Characteristics of VT Ablation in Patients with Continuous Flow Left Ventricular Assist Devices

F Sacher, T Reichlin, ES Zado, ME Field… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

Original Article. Characteristics of VT Ablation in Patients with Continuous Flow Left

Ventricular Assist Devices. This study describes VA characteristics and ablation in

patients implanted with a Heart Mate 2 (HM2) device. Methods


Catheter Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia and Mortality in Patients with Nonischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Can Noninducibility after Ablation be a Predictor for …

B Dinov, A Arya, A Schratter, V Schirripa, L Fiedler… – Circulation: Arrhythmia and …, 2015

Original Article. Catheter Ablation of Ventricular Tachycardia and Mortality in Patients with

Nonischemic Dilated Cardiomyopathy: Can Noninducibility after Ablation be a Predictor for

Reduced Mortality? Related Collections. Ablation/ICD/surgery. Social Bookmarking.


Salvage cryotherapy after failed radiofrequency ablation for Barrett’s esophagus–related dysplasia is safe and effective

N Sengupta, GA Ketwaroo, DM Bak, V Kedar… – Gastrointestinal Endoscopy, 2015

Background Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) is an effective treatment for Barrett’s esophagus

(BE) dysplasia. For patients with dysplasia refractory to RFA, data are limited regarding

efficacy of endoscopic therapy. Objective To assess the efficacy and safety of cryotherapy


A novel microwave catheter can perform noncontact circumferential endocardial ablation in a model of pulmonary vein isolation

P Qian, MA Barry, T Nguyen, D Ross, P Kovoor… – Journal of Cardiovascular …, 2015

Second, we were able to ablate at high power without limitations from catheter Haemmerich,

Contribution of direct heating, thermal conduction and perfusion during radiofrequency and

microwave ablation were equivalent whether one pair of radials were orientated in the plane


Selective reduction in complicated monochorionic twins: Prediction of obstetric outcome and comparison of techniques

Y Yinon, E Ashwal, B Weisz, B Chayen, E Schiff… – Ultrasound in Obstetrics & …, 2015

Keywords: Monochorionic twins; selective reduction; bipolar cord coagulation; radiofrequency

ablation; selective intra-uterine growth restriction All rights reserved Abstract Objective: To

compare the outcome of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and bipolar


Hypertensive crisis during hemostasis of adrenal bleeding using a soft‐coagulation device

T Kawai, M Suzuki, M Otsuka, S Nakazono, Y Tanaka… – International Journal of …, 2015

Fransson et al. reported hypertensive crisis during radiofrequency ablation of normal

adrenal tissue in dogs. The SA. Hemodynamic changes during laparoscopic

radiofrequency ablation of normal adrenal tissue in dogs. Vet. Surg.


[HTML] Contrast-Enhanced Subharmonic and Harmonic Ultrasound of Renal Masses Undergoing Percutaneous Cryoablation

JR Eisenbrey, CM Shaw, A Lyshchik, P Machado… – Academic Radiology, 2015

CT guidance during the session. Cryoablation is also significantly less painful than

heat-based techniques such as microwave and radiofrequency ablation, thereby

avoiding the use of general anesthesia in many patients (6).


Rare Endocrine Tumors of the Pancreas: Evidence of Management

JT Li, SY Peng, DF Hong – Pancreatic Cancer, Cystic Neoplasms and Endocrine …, 2015

Medical treatment such as a somatostatin analogue and/or other interventional modality

such as radiofrequency ablation or hepatic artery embolization can allow these patients

long survival times. Get PDF (2762K). More content like this.


New Treatment Modalities for Hepatocellular Cancer

K Mauer, R O’Kelley, N Podda, S Flanagan, S Gadani – Current Gastroenterology …, 2015

These include microwave ablation (MWA), which achieves higher temperatures more rapidly,

and irreversible electroporation (IRE higher in energy than RFA (ranging from 900 to 2400 MHz,

while radiofrequency is typically around 400 kHz) to thermally ablate the tumor


[HTML] Distribution of abnormal potentials in chronic myocardial infarction using a real time magnetic resonance guided electrophysiology system

SO Oduneye, M Pop, M Shurrab, L Biswas, V Ramanan… – Journal of Cardiovascular …, 2015

Further- more, linear radiofrequency ablation lesions designed to transect these channels of

slow conduction have been shown to be on average longer in length by several centimeters when

the isthmus has not been effectively identified and only voltage maps are known (eg


Evaluation of transforaminal endoscopic lumbar discectomy in the treatment of lumbar disc herniation

K Wang, X Hong, BY Zhou, JP Bao, XH Xie, F Wang… – International Orthopaedics, 2015

Last, elderly patients usually suffer from LDH for more years and have more severe vertebral

degeneration than younger pa- tients; thus, the clinical outcomes of elderly patients were not

good when the radiofrequency ablation for annuloplasty was performed.


[PDF] Long-Term Function, Pain and Medication Use Outcomes of Radiofrequency Ablation for Lumbar Facet Syndrome

ZL McCormick, B Marshall, J Walker, R McCarthy… – Int J Anesthetic Anesthesiol, 2015

Abstract Objective: Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of the medial branch nerves for facet-

mediated low back pain demonstrates clinical benefit for 6-12 months and possibly up to 2

years. This study investigated function, pain, and medication use outcomes of RFA for


Effect of Irrigant Characteristics on Lesion Formation after Radiofrequency Energy Delivery Using Ablation Catheters with Actively Cooled Tips

DT Nguyen, M Olson, L Zheng, W Barham, JD Moss… – Journal of Cardiovascular …, 2015

Background The delivery of radiofrequency (RF) energy through irrigated ablation catheters

may be affected by irrigant osmolarity and by catheter position. We sought to characterize

lesion formation characteristics using different irrigants in both open and closed irrigated


Efficacy and Safety of Radiofrequency Ablation for Treatment of Locally Recurrent Thyroid Cancers Smaller than 2 cm

J Kim, WS Yoo, YJ Park, DJ Park, TJ Yun, SH Choi… – Radiology, 2015

Purpose To evaluate the efficacy and safety of radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for localized

small recurrent thyroid cancers less than 2 cm by comparing them with those at repeat

surgery. Materials and Methods This retrospective study was institutional review board–


Long‐term local disease control in a recurrent soft‐tissue sarcoma of the thigh treated by radiofrequency ablation

MD Belfiore, P Maria, MD Ronza, M Francesco… – Journal of Surgical …, 2015

Locally recurrent soft-tissue sarcoma without distant metastases occurs in nearly 20% of

patients [1]. However, in these patients treatment options may be limited because of

previous limb-sparing surgery and radiation therapy, frequently resulting in a


Real Time Atrial Wall Imaging during Radiofrequency Ablation in a Porcine Model

M Granier, PF Winum, M Granier, P Liaud, G Cayla… – Heart Rhythm, 2015

Objective We used intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) to describe atrial wall changes during RF

ablation, and assess the extent of RF-induced lesions. Methods In nine piglets, RF and IVUS

catheters were coupled and introduced into the right atrium (RA). RF applications were


Efficacy of Computed Tomography Guided Radiofrequency Ablation for Osteoid Osteomas in 31 Patients

J Kim, JM Ahn, JW Lee, GY Lee, E Lee, JH Oh, HS Cho… – Journal of the Korean …, 2015

Purpose To present the clinical outcome of computed tomography (CT) guided

radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for osteoid osteoma. Materials and Methods Thirty-one

patients (M: F= 23: 8, mean age: 20 years, range: 4-54 years) who underwent RFA for



H Wang, J Wang – US Patent 20,150,100,052, 2015

Abstract: Devices, components, apparatus, and/or methods for using and making a

combination spinal disk herniation repositioning and radiofrequency apparatus (RFA) or

device that uses one or more repositioning probes and one or more needles/electrodes,


[HTML] Radiofrequency ablation (RFA) for palliative treatment of painful non‐small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) rib metastasis: Experience in 12 patients

M Hu, X Zhi, J Zhang – Thoracic Cancer, 2015

Background Painful rib metastasis is common in non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). Pain

is often partially or totally refractory to analgesic medications or the side effects of medication

are unacceptable. We report the safety and efficacy of a new method: radiofrequency …


[PDF] Multimodality endoscopic eradication for neoplastic Barrett oesophagus: results of an European

KN Phoa, RE Pouw, IR Bisschops, O Pech, K Ragunath… – surgery, 2015

11 Jayan Mannath,4 CA Seldenrijk,12 Mike Visser,13 Toni Lerut,2 Stefan Seewald,14 Fiebo

J ten Kate,13 Christian EII,3 Horst Neuhaus,6 Jacques JGHM Bergman1 ABSTRACT Objective

Focal endoscopic resection (ER) followed by radiofrequency ablation (RFA) safely and


A National Analysis of the Complications, Cost, and Mortality of Percutaneous Lung Ablation

BT Welch, W Brinjikji, GD Schmit, MR Callstrom… – Journal of Vascular and …, 2015

Pulmonary radiofrequency ablation: long-term safety and efficacy in 153 patients. Radiology,

243 (2007), pp. 268–275. Primary non-small cell lung cancer: review of frequency, location, and

time of recurrence after radiofrequency ablation. Radiology, 254 (2010), pp. 301–307.


 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS/RSD)


Substituted imidazolium compounds for treating disease

H Tabuteau – US Patent 9,006,279, 2015

In some embodiments, a subject compound may be administered to relieve complex regional

pain syndrome, such as complex regional pain syndrome type I (CRPS-I), complex regional

pain syndrome type II (CRPS-II), CRPS-NOS, or another type of CRPS.


CURRENT OPINION Improving the outcome of bacterial meningitis in newborn infants in Africa: reflections on recent progress

EM Molyneux, Q Dube, L Newberry – Curr Opin Infect Dis, 2015

C-REACTIVE PROTEIN Only 35–65% of serum CRPs are positive at the beginning of the illness

[14]. Serial CRPs 24–48h after the onset of symptoms are more helpful and if two tests, 24 h apart

are less than 10 mg/l, the nega- tive predictive value for sepsis is 99% [15].


Well‐Defined High Molecular Weight Polystyrene with High Rates and High Livingness Synthesized via Two‐Stage RAFT Emulsion Polymerization

K Yan, X Gao, Y Luo – Macromolecular Rapid Communications, 2015

in dead chains has long been pursued since it provides a powerful tool for synthesizing

well-defined nanostructured functional materials with precisely controlled chain microstructures

and complex architectures.[1] Controlled radical polymerizations (CRPs), which show some


Iatrogenic lesions of peripheral nerves

WN Löscher, J Wanschitz, S Iglseder, A Vass… – Acta Neurologica …, 2015

In addition to pain, patients may develop weakness or sensory, respectively, trophic disturbances.

Rarely, neuropathic pain without weakness occurs. In half of the cases, trophic disturbances

and a chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) develop [68, 70].


A survey on memristor modeling and security applications

MT Arafin, C Dunbar, G Qu, N McDonald, L Yan – Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), …, 2015

the discrepancy from the expected delay or the instable power-on states of the memory cells,

to generate chip-dependent PUF data that can be used as secret keys or as seeds of random

number generators, and/or to create challenge response pairs (CRPs) for authentication


Research design considerations for chronic pain prevention clinical trials: IMMPACT recommendations.

JS Gewandter, RH Dworkin, DC Turk, JT Farrar… – PAIN, 2015

recovery (SNR); (4) chronic post-surgical pain (IG); (5) postherpetic neuralgia (RHD); (6) painful

diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DZ); (7) HIV and chemotherapy-associated peripheral

neuropathies (MJP); (8) complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) type 1 (ALO); (9)


Surgical Management of Posttraumatic Midfoot Deformity and Arthritis.

JD Seybold, JC Coetzee – Techniques in Foot & Ankle Surgery, 2015

Kuo et al4 echoed these results, with neuritis, metatarsalgia, and malunion noted

as the most common complications in their series. One superficial infection, 1

asymptomatic nonunion, and 1 case of CRPS were also reported.


Using Augmented Reality in the Treatment of CRPS Patients

L Knudsen, HP Hansen, D Baskarada, N Nedergaard…

Background Mirror Visual Feedback (MVF) is an important part of therapeutic treatment of

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS). Unfortunately mirror boxes (MB) are not

compatible with meaningful activities. Recently it was shown that Virtual Reality (VR) as


Development of a Clinical Framework for Mirror Therapy in Patients with Phantom Limb Pain: An Evidence‐based Practice Approach

A Rothgangel, S Braun, L Witte, A Beurskens… – Pain Practice, 2015

Only one protocol [41] specifically addressed patients with PLP. Two protocols [39, 42] were

applied in a mixed pain population and one protocol [40] mainly focused on patients with complex

regional pain syndrome (CRPS) but also provided some basic information on PLP.


Techniquesformonitoring, imaging, and pain relief

S Dhir, R Sharma, S Ganapathy – Trauma Anesthesia, 2015


Skin Hyperpigmentation in Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)(P3. 315)

R Knobler – Neurology, 2015

OBJECTIVE: To characterize hyperpigmented skin changes which appear as a

manifestation in limbs affected by CRPS. BACKGROUND: CRPS is a neuropathic, often

treatment resistant, non-malignant pain syndrome. Early diagnosis is essential for a good


Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome: A Preliminary report on molecular mechanisms and structural correlates (S10. 005)

B Murinson, Z Ghersin, E Peled – Neurology, 2015

Abstract. OBJECTIVE: Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a painful neurological

condition that is highly resistant to treatment. As the disease pathophysiology is not

definitively characterized, case studies may offer valuable insights.


[PDF] Towards an integrated probabilistic nowcasting system (En-INCA)

M Suklitsch, A Kann, B Bica – Advances in Science and Research, 2015

The two plots in the right column of Fig. 4 illustrate the Continuous Ranked Probability Score

(CRPS) and the per- centage of outliers. The CRPS compares a full distribution of ensemble

predictions with observations, both represented as cumula- tive distribution functions.


Role of magnetic resonance imaging in the diagnosis of the painful unicompartmental knee arthroplasty

CN Park, HA Zuiderbaan, A Chang, S Khamaisy… – The Knee, 2015

then the patient underwent MRI. Patients who presented with other obvious causes

of pain (eg lumbar spine stenosis, hip osteoarthritis, complex regional pain syndrome

(CRPS)) were excluded. The final study group consisted


New experimental hosts of Barley yellow dwarf virus among wild grasses with implications for grassland habitats

LL Ingwell, NA Bosque‐Pérez – Plant Pathology, 2015

virus reservoirs in the environment (Borer et al., 2007). Understanding the ability of BYDV to infect

grass species including those present in prairies and CRPs, and the suitability of these Page

5. Accepted Article This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.


[PDF] Evaluation of the CGIAR Research Program on Aquatic Agricultural Systems (AAS)

R Birner, R Bhujel, EM Rathgeber, J Sumberg… – 2015

Page 1. ! ! ! ! Fund%Council% ! 13th%Meeting%(FC13)—Bogor,%Indonesia%

April%28?29,%2015% % % ! ! WORKING(DOCUMENT( % % % % Evaluation!of!the!!

CGIAR!Research!Program!on!! Aquatic!Agricultural!Systems!(AAS)!! ! % Submitted!by:!!


[PDF] Evaluation of the CGIAR Research Program on Wheat

W Beversdorf, S Brouder, PP Sachdeva, R Sulaiman – 2015

Regarding research on sustainable intensification, the Team sees need for greater lateral learning

that spans across CRPs and crops and greater use of synthesis reviews and meta-analysis to

enhance the international public gods nature of the xii Page 17. cgiar.iea.org


[PDF] Evaluation of the CGIAR Research Program “Policies, Institutions and Markets”(PIM)

K Andersson, C Gerrard, W Meyers, F Nankhuni… – 2015

its funders and partners in making decisions with respect to the continuation, expansion, and

structuring of PIM during the extension phase of 2015–16; • to inform decisions on the program

in response to the call of the Fund Council for the second round of CRPs in 2016; • to


[HTML] Elucidating the Pathophysiology of Peripheral Neuropathies: A Conversation With Claudia Sommer

N Andrews – 2015

Uçeyler N, Zeller D, Kahn AK, Kewenig S, Kittel-Schneider S, Schmid A, Casanova-Molla J,

Reiners K, Sommer C. Brain. 2013 Jun; 136(Pt 6):1857-67. Anti-autonomic nervous system

antibodies in CRPS. Sommer C. Pain. 2011 Dec; 152(12):2675-6. Epub 2011 Jul 30.


Secondary Dystonia

P Kanovsky, D Dressler, K Menšíková – Dystonia and Dystonic Syndromes, 2015

Eur J Neurol. 2010;17:649–60.CrossRefPubMed. 38. Schott GD. Peripherally-triggered CRPS

and dystonia. Pain. 2007;130:203–7.CrossRefPubMed. 39. van Hilten JJ, Geraedts EJ, Marinus

J. Peripheral trauma and movement disorders. Parkinsonism Relat Disord.




Patients: Three adolescent young female athletes who developed clinical findings compatible

with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) after lower extremity trauma. Conclusion: CRPS

is a challenging disease that may affect young active and athletic patients.


[PDF] Successful Treatment of a Nine—Year Case of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type-l (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) Wlth

WAAF Patient

introduction Complat Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a pain— ful and debilitating mopadtic

pain disorder. CRPS is classified into two types [1]. Both types appear to occur after

a traumatic event. With type-I. which is more common.


Pain Management

RK Naidu, TM Pham – Basic Clinical Anesthesia, 2015


[PDF] Nuclear Data Development Related to Th-U Fuel Cycle in India

S Ganesan

7. The IAEA Co-ordinated Research Projects (CRPs). International collaborations with CERN

n_TOF under BARC MOU, Korea, IAEA CRPs • Identification of faculty & support for formation

of useful local neutron data centres in Indian universities and institutes.


Appendix of Management Algorithms For Certain Clinical Conditions

M ABCs, C Intralipid – Basic Clinical Anesthesia

Page 660. 675 PK Sikka et al.(eds.), Basic Clinical Anesthesia, DOI 10.1007/978-

1-4939-1737-2,© Springer Science+ Business Media New York 2015 Appendix

of Management Algorithms For Certain Clinical Conditions A1.


Spinal Cord Stimulation for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain Associated With Leprosy: A Case Report

NJ Brandmeir, MD Sather – Neuromodulation: Technology at the Neural Interface, 2015

Background. Leprosy is a major source of nerve damage and may lead to neuropathic pain as

well as complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Spinal cord stimulation is an effective treatment

for CRPS, but there are no reports of this treatment in a patient with leprosy.


Evaluating the skill of NMME seasonal precipitation ensemble predictions for 17 hydroclimatic regions in continental China

F Ma, A Ye, X Deng, Z Zhou, X Liu, Q Duan, J Xu… – International Journal of …, 2015

(7). where FracErr is the mean fractional error, which is not biassed by the number of bins. The

continuous ranked probability score (CRPS) applies to probabilistic forecasts that exhibit

predictive cumulative distribution functions. The CRPS is defined as. (8).


Reconfigurable physical unclonable function based on probabilistic switching of RRAM

A Chen – Electronics Letters, 2015

bit strings. These challenge–response pairs (CRPs) can be utilised as security

primitives. Ideally Most of these PUF designs are static with unalterable CRPs after

the fabrication of the underlying physical systems. The so-called


Burst Spinal Cord Stimulation in a Patient with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A 2‐year Follow‐Up

N Kriek, G Groeneweg, FJPM Huygen – Pain Practice, 2015

Spinal cord stimulation (SCS) is an effective therapy to treat most patients with complex

regional pain syndrome (CRPS); however, the effect is not always maintained over

time. We present a case report of a patient successfully


[PDF] Covariance models on the surface of a sphere: when does it matter?

J Jeong, M Jun – arXiv preprint arXiv:1504.01985, 2015

as well as the two popular scoring rules (Gneiting and Raftery, 2007), the mean absolute

error (MAE) and the continuous ranked probability score (CRPS). Figures 2(a)-(d) present

MAE and CRPS from the two models, the exponential models using


A novel modeling attack resistant PUF design based on non-linear voltage transfer characteristics

A Vijayakumar, S Kundu – Proceedings of the 2015 Design, Automation & Test in …, 2015

In addition, layout techniqu metallization and routing of interconnects can further increase the

resistance to such invasive PUF circuits can be widely classified as strong PUF based on their

physical implemen PUFs such as SRAM PUFs have limited ch pairs (CRPs).


Assimilation of stream discharge for flood forecasting: Updating a semidistributed model with an integrated data assimilation scheme

Y Li, D Ryu, AW Western, QJ Wang – Water Resources Research, 2015

Page 1. Assimilation of stream discharge for flood forecasting: Updating a

semi-distributed model with an integrated data assimilation scheme Yuan

Li1,2,3, Dongryeol Ryu1, Andrew W. Western1, QJ Wang2 1 Department of


Exploitation of complement regulatory proteins by Borrelia and Francisella

M Madar, E Bencurova, P Mlynarcik, AM Almeida… – Molecular BioSystems, 2015

university of veterinary medicine and pharmacy, Komenskeho – 73, Kosice, Slovakia Running

title: Exploitation of CRPs by Borrelia and Francisella binding to the host complement regulatory

proteins (CRPs) on their surface or expression of the CRP mimicking molecules.


Efficient attacks on robust ring oscillator PUF with enhanced challenge-response set

PH Nguyen, DP Sahoo, RS Chakraborty… – Proceedings of the 2015 …, 2015

The CRPs are generated by applying a log2 m–bit challenge, selecting (de- pending

on the applied challenge) a unique pair of ROs from the available set, and comparing

the oscillation frequencies of the two ROs in the pair.


A spatial hybrid approach for downscaling of extreme precipitation fields

A Bechler, M Vrac, L Bel – Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2015

ity Score (CRPS) and the 95% Quantile Score (QS95) [Gneiting and Raftery, 2007], the

multivariate energy score (ES), which generalizes the CRPS [Gneiting et al., 2008], is It appears

that concerning the marginal distribution (ie, CRPS, QS, KS and CVM




Concomitance of fibromyalgia syndrome and cervical disc herniation

M Güler, T Aydın, E Akgöl, Ö Taşpınar – Journal of Physical Therapy Science, 2015

[Purpose] Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) and cervical disc herniation (CDH) are a common

diseases commonly encountered in physical therapy clinics. There are also patients who

have both of these diseases. In this study we aim to investigated whether FMS is a risk


[PDF] Evaluation of Depression in Women Affected by Fibromyalgia Syndrome

A Vespa, C Meloni, MV Giulietti, M Ottaviani… – J Depress Anxiety, 2015

Objective: In this paper, we explored the association between the clinical course of Fibromyalgia

Syndrome (FMS) and patient’s response to emotional stress in terms of depression.

Method: All participants (n=57 women with Fibromyalgia Sindrome (FMS); control group (


Scientific Controversy and its Relationship to the Media

K Perleberg – 2015

environmental, and health-related issues. Some examples of this phenomenon include

global climate change, the effects of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) on the environment,

and what fibromyalgia is exactly. While the media has


Osteomalacia, Severe Thoracic Deformities and Respiratory Failure in a Young Woman with Anorexia Nervosa

D Watanabe, M Hotta, A Ichihara – Internal Medicine, 2015

She worked indoors in part- time and had a body weight of 32 kg. In the summer of year X-3,

at 19 years of age, she complained of generalized pain, and her family physician suspected

fibromyalgia. However, the patient’s family physician diagnosed her with fibromyalgia.


[PDF] Vitamin D Deficiency in Patients with Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Does it Exist?

Y Khayyat, S Attar – Oman Medical Journal, 2015

It is no doubt a questionable fact whether vitamin D deficiency could be taken into account as

a causative factor relating to the pathogenic aetiology in the development of IBS as in the case

of vitamin deficiency induced fibromyalgia cases.14 The present study has shown



S Gullapalli, PK Gupta, MN Gandhi, S Mandadi – US Patent 20,150,105,406, 2015

The method according to claim 19, wherein the neuropathic pain comprises peripheral neuropathy,

diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN), post herpetic neuralgia, spinal-cord injury pain, fibromyalgia,

multiple sclerosis pain, ischemic pain, chronic musculoskeletal pain


Evaluation of Pain in Humans

DB Ross – US Patent 20,150,105,688, 2015

There has been a clear link established between fibromyalgia and psychiatric disorders. Each

of these inputs is selective for different pathophysiologic phenomena. Palpation is often

applied for myofascial type pain syndromes (such as fibromyalgia).


[PDF] TENS for pain relief

T Can – 2015

As far as we can tell, the TENS machine can be used for all pain conditions, providing there

is no health reason preventing its use. However, it can be difficult if you have many pain

sites or more widespread pain, such as fibromyalgia syndrome.


[PDF] Metformin and caloric restriction induce an AMPK-dependent 2 restoration of mitochondrial dysfunction in fibroblasts from 3 Fibromyalgia patients

M Battino, MD Cordero

50 Mitochondria are essential organelles present in virtually all eukary-51 otic cells. One of

the primary functions of mitochondria is ATP produc-52 tion via the oxidative

phosphorylation (OXPHOS) pathway. Moreover, 53 they play crucial roles in many other



KF Salvato, JPM Santos, DAA Pires-Oliveira… – rev bras reumatol, 2015

The criteria for exclusion were individuals with full or partial prosthetics in any of the joints being

evaluated, with concomitant diagnosis of other osteoarticular/muscle dis- eases, such as

rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, systemic lupus erythematosus and other rheumatic


[PDF] Chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia in diagnosed sleep disorders: a further test of the ‘unitary’hypothesis

S Pejovic, BH Natelson, M Basta… – BMC Neurology, 2015

Background Since chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) and fibromyalgia (FM) often co-exist,

some believe they reflect the same process, somatization. Against that hypothesis are data

suggesting FM but not CFS was common in patients with sleep-disordered breathing (


Fibromyalgia Syndrome: Considerations for Dental Hygienists

A Walters, SL Tolle, GM McCombs – American Dental Hygienists Association, 2015

Purpose: Fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) is a neurosensory disorder characterized by

widespread musculoskeletal pain. Typically persistent fatigue, depression, limb stiffness,

non-refreshing sleep and cognitive deficiencies are also experienced. Oral symptoms and


Physical Trauma and Infection as Precipitating Factors in Patients with Fibromyalgia.

J Jiao, A Vincent, SS Cha, CA Luedtke, CH Kim, TH Oh – American Journal of …, 2015

Objective: The objective of this study was to evaluate both precipitating factors in patients

with fibromyalgia and any differences in clinical presentation, symptom severity, and quality-

of-life between those with and without precipitating physical trauma or infection.


[PDF] The prevalence of severe fatigue in rheumatic diseases: an international study

CL Overman, MB Kool, JAP Da Silva, R Geenen… – Fatigue and functioning in …, 2015

Severe fatigue was least prevalent in patients with osteoarthritis (35%) and most

prevalent in patients with fibromyalgia (82%). In logistic regression analysis, severe

fatigue was predicted by having fibromyalgia, having multiple


Attention and Working Memory in Female Adolescents with Chronic Pain and Healthy Pain Free Female Adolescents: A Preliminary Pilot Study.

K Mifflin, J Chorney, B Dick – The Clinical Journal of Pain, 2015

in adults with chronic pain. In one study, adults with different types of chronic pain (fibromyalgia,

rheumatoid arthritis, and musculoskeletal pain) were found to perform found that patients with

chronic pain due to fibromyalgia had hypoactivation in overlapping areas commonly


Vulvar Vestibulodynia: Strategies to Meet the Challenge

A Bonham – Obstetrical & Gynecological Survey, 2015

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The head says yes but the heart says no: what is non-cardiac chest pain and how is it managed?

JB Chambers, EM Marks, MS Hunter – Heart, 2015

psychologist. It is likely that patients seen by a cardiologist with NCCP resemble those

referred to a rheumatologist with fibromyalgia and perhaps those seen first by a

gastroenterologist, but comparative data do not exist. Symptoms


[HTML] Internet-based interventions for pain management: A systematic review of randomised controlled trial (RCTs) conducted from 2010 to 2014

A El-Metwally – Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology, 2015

Description of participants. Most studies targeted patients with chronic pain syndrome including

low back pain, migraine, fibromyalgia and musculoskeletal pain (Table 1). Wide age range used

in these studies captures adults, elderly and children between 3 years and above.


Conditioned Pain Modulation in Patients with Acute and Chronic Low Back Pain.

S Mlekusch, AY Neziri, A Limacher, P Jüni… – The Clinical Journal of Pain, 2015

8. Kosek E, Hansson P. Modulatory influence on somatosensory perception from vibration and

heterotopic noxious conditioning stimulation (hncs) in fibromyalgia patients and healthy subjects.

Julien N, Goffaux P, Arsenault P,et al. Widespread pain in fibromyalgia is related to a


Manual Therapy, Therapeutic Patient Education, and Therapeutic Exercise, an Effective Multimodal Treatment of Nonspecific Chronic Neck Pain

H Beltran-Alacreu, I López-de-Uralde-Villanueva… – American Journal of …, 2015

associated with whiplash in- juries, medical red flag history (ie, tumor, fracture, metabolic diseases,

rheumatoid arthritis, and oste- oporosis), neck pain with cervical radiculopathy, neck pain

associated with externalized cervical disc herniation, fibromyalgia syndrome, previous


Pain Characteristics do not Distinguish Fibromyalgia Patients with Abnormal Skin Biopsy (P5. 069)

V Lawson, J Grewal, K Hackshaw, P Mongiovi – Neurology, 2015

OBJECTIVE: To determine whether pain characteristics can distinguish between

fibromyalgia patients who have abnormal skin biopsy and/or SNAP amplitudes.

BACKGROUND: Patients (n= 165) with fibromyalgia were assessed for differences in pain


Effects of functional training on pain, leg strength and balance in women with fibromyalgia

PÁ Latorre Román, MP Santos e Campos… – Modern Rheumatology, 2015

Abstract Aim: The aim of this study was to analyze the effect of 18-week functional training

(FT) program consisting in two sessions a week of in-water exercise and one of on-land

exercise on pain, strength and balance in women with Fibromyalgia. Methods: A total


[HTML] Elucidating the Pathophysiology of Peripheral Neuropathies: A Conversation With Claudia Sommer

N Andrews – 2015

She is active in the development of national and international guidelines on treatment

of peripheral neuropathies, on nerve and skin biopsies, and on treatment of

fibromyalgia and neuropathic and facial pain. Sommer spoke


Alterations in Brain Gray Matter Volume are Associated with Reduced Evoked-Pain Connectivity following Acute Pregabalin Administration (S10. 003)

T Puiu, A Kairys, L Pauer, T Schmidt-Wilcke, E Ichesco… – Neurology, 2015

Preclinical studies indicate that PGB may potentially down-regulate glutamate release in the

synapse. DESIGN/METHODS: Sixteen female fibromyalgia patients completed a randomized

double-blind two-period cross-over study of PGB versus placebo (PBO).


Clinical and molecular profiling of muscle pain in myotonic dystrophy type 2 (S10. 002)

V Palada, R Moshourab, S Kempa, M Boschmann… – Neurology, 2015

CONCLUSIONS: Our data show that DM2 related myalgias are primarily of muscular origin

but some patients also develop additional central pain. The results may also help to understand

other more common reasons for muscle pain such as fibromyalgia.


[HTML] Complementary and alternative medicine in chronic neurological pain

SK Mishra, B Trikamji, E Togneri – Indian Journal of Pain, 2015

[68] Biomagnetic therapy has also been used in treating chronic pain, particularly related to tissue

ischemia and fibromyalgia with low frequency and low intensity magnetic energy. Pioro-Boisset

M, Esdaile JM, Fitzcharles MA. Alternative medicine use in fibromyalgia syndrome.


[DOC] Nociception at the diabetic foot, an uncharted territory

EA Chantelau – World J Diabetes, 2015

Although this protocol had primarily been devised for examining hyperalgesia in non-nociceptive

pain syndromes like fibromyalgia, or neuropathic pains, and not for assessing hypoalgesia [18] ,

the author (Chantelau EA) believes that parts of it may well be applied for studying


[HTML] Need of Indian protocol in pain management

R Gurumurthi, G Das – Indian Journal of Pain, 2015

for responsible opioid prescribing in chronic noncancer pain and spine intervention procedures,

World Institute of Pain guidelines for interventional pain procedures, WHO ladder for cancer pain

management, American College of Rheumatology criteria for fibromyalgia and so


[PDF] The Effects of Coffee and Korean Red Ginseng with Body Wrap Steam Bathing on Stress Markers and Lipid Profiles

SY Park, SP Lee – Journal of Food and Nutrition Research, 2015

[4] Buskila, D., Abu-Shakra, M., Neumann, L., “Balneotherapy for fibromyalgia at the

Dead Sea,” Rheumatology International, 20, 105-108, 2001. [5] Neumann, L., Sukenik,

S., Bolotin, A., Abu-Shakra, M., Amir, M., Flusser, D., Buskila


An Innovative Nursing Approach to Caring for an Obstetric Patient With Rape Trauma Syndrome (RTS)

C Parker – Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing, 2015

Many survivors have a history of panic attacks, phobias, self-mutilation, personality disorders,

depression, anxiety, substance abuse, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain,

fibromyalgia, obesity, sleep disturbances, and migraines to name a few (Burian, 1995; Hobbins


Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 Dorsal Root Ganglionitis in a 34 Year Old Male With Occipital Neuralgia Refractory to Medical and Radiofrequency Ablation Therapies: …

J Rathore, K Slavin, R Rathore, A Rakic, T Valyi-Nagy – Neurology, 2015

RESULTS: A 34 year old Caucasian homosexual male with past medical history of fibromyalgia,

post-traumatic stress disorder and bilateral occipital headaches that started 15 years ago after

a motor vehicle accident presented with a five week history of significantly worsened


Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind, Randomized Pilot Study to Evaluate the Effects of Low-Dose Naltrexone on Quality of Life and Fatigue in Newly Diagnosed High- …

K Peters, M Affronti, S Woodring, E Lipp, P Healy… – Neurology, 2015

Naltrexone, an orally semisynthetic opiate antagonist, is FDA- approved for treatment of heroin/

alcohol addiction, but there have been observations that low dose naltrexone (LDN) can mitigate

fatigue and stress in fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis patients.


Diagnosis at work–On sick leave in Sweden

L Eriksson – Social Theory & Health, 2015

The article explores how understandings of patients with symptom diagnoses, notably fibromyalgia,

are shaped by the introduction of a new medical decision-making support tool used to assess

patients’ ‘work capacity’, together with a revision of the Swedish social insurance.


[HTML] Pressure pain threshold and pain perception in temporomandibular disorder patients: is there any correlation?

J Stuginski-Barbosa, RS Silva, CO Cunha… – Revista Dor, 2015

in accordance with the RDC/TMD. Exclusion criteria included patients with systemic

disease like fibromyalgia or rheumatic conditions, odontogenic or neuropathic pain

and history of TMJ surgery. Patients on ongoing use of


Current Topical and Systemic Therapies for Itch

TA Leslie, MW Greaves, G Yosipovitch – Pharmacology of Itch, 2015

chronic kidney disease, cholestasis, myeloproliferative disorders and hyperthyroidism),

neuropathic (notalgia paresthetica, brachioradial pruritus and postherpetic neuralgia itch) and

psychogenic (obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression and fibromyalgia) (Yosipovitch and


Common Co-morbidities and Fibromyalgia

D Marcus, A Deodhar

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[DOC] WHAT IS LYME DISEASE Named after the small town of Lyme, Connecticut, where the disease was first identified in 1975, Lyme disease is a bacterial illness …

T Der-Ohanian

In later stages, Lyme disease can become chronic and trigger serious conditions such as

rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, AlzheimerÆs disease, chronic fatigue syndrome,

fibromyalgia, ParkinsonÆs disease, and a host of other illnesses.


[HTML] Chaga Mushroom Powder (1 lb)


Wild, non-GMO Chaga Mushroom Powder- antioxidant & polysaccharide rich-

supports a healthy immune system. Fresh Chaga Powder.


The Dual-Dialectical Conceptualization in Psychotherapy

S Navon – American Journal of Psychotherapy, 2015

The American Journal of Family Therapy, 33, 103-116. Navon, S. (2005b). Listening to

illness/non-illness motifs: A case of fibromyalgia. Families Systems & Health, 23, 358-361. Navon, S. (2014). The illness/non-illness model: Hypnotherapy for Physically Ill Patients.